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announcement FTX Central, Orbxlibs & P3Dv4 products ready PLEASE READ THIS TOPIC FIRST

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If you have FSX or FSX:SE installed but don't have Prepar3D installed

If you have decided to make the move from FSX to P3Dv4 and *dont* have earlier versions of P3D installed you must download all the Orbx products which are P3Dv4-ready using FTX Central. Your products installed into FSX cannot be copied to P3Dv4 - they are different builds and not compatible.



If I may add this to Ed's comment:


FTX Central does appear to take the files it can use from an existing installation, even from FSX.

This is making the installation much faster than if a full download is required.

Regions can be added to P3D v4, subject to download speed, at the rate of one every three or four minutes.


You should see this message along with "downloading" and "installing files".

In fact Scotland was installed two minutes later with no more files downloaded.




Notes In response to customer queries.


If you already have an ORBX installation, where possible, FTX Central will use files that are already on the PC.

However, as explained, the files for P3D v4 are not all the same, so FTX Central must download some new files from

the servers.

In the case of some products this is less than 100 mb, others, it might be several gb.


Instead of visiting the support forums straight away, please first observe what is actually happening, with at least one product that you already

have installed to another simulator and are now installing to P3D V4.


Please do not install  to P3D v4 using downloaded back up files from before 2nd June 2017 or FTX Central may indeed download the entire new version.


If you have deleted or moved your previous installation or you don't have one, FTX Central will not be able to see it and will therefore download

each entire product.


If you experience any other difficulties, please post a support request in the FTX Central v3 forum.





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