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(Kazahkstan) Almaty to Issyk Kul (Kyrgyzstan)


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I've actually been to Almaty on an '80s package tour of the 'stans. As I remember, the airport here had the rather unusual feature of a public convenience in the main "concourse" with a wall made of glass bricks. You could see a fuzzy but perfectly distinguishable image of the appropriate functions taking place in the loos from the seating area outside. Interesting concept, but I suspect the idea never caught on elsewhere.


Thought I'd take a look around the city and surrounding area to see how it looked





and then looked at the map and thought the trip over to UAFL might be worthwhile,



so went back and switched into something marginally more appropriate and headed off to the mountains





coming out the other side, lake Issyk Kul ahead



When Asia gets the OLC treatment (I'm not holding my breath for a full-fat Kazahkstan though) it should be great around some of these spots



Approaching Issyk Kul International Airport. I think this rendering may be a little on the basic side, even for the 'stans.



Wot? no terminal?



It's a bit more complex in RL, not Heathrow by any means but . . .



Actually, the area around the lake and the mountains is quite pleasant in its generic form. Nice geography.

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I am surprised by how detailed and three dimensional the city looks in the 1st and 2nd screenies and then how ordinary the landscape is in the 4th and 5th screenies by comparison.

Maybe to do with the resolution of the screenies?

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