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Announcing CAG8 Pender Harbour Seaplane Base

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After clearing customs at the Seair terminal in Nanaimo (Orbx CAC8) , the next scheduled stop for Kenmore Air flight 410 is John Henry’s,  one of few classic marinas still remaining in the Pacific Northwest. It has not changed much since I was first there 50 years ago. I have tried to capture the atmosphere there; to show why people keep coming back year after year. I should mention that this project is quite different from my previous ones, but it’s still in keeping with the main theme – Seattle to Desolation Sound via floatplane. I hope you like it.

Here’s a link to a short drone video that gives a feel for what the Pender Harbour area is really like. It's known as 'the Venice of the North'.

Some of the scenery features:

  • John Henry’s Marina, the Sundowner Inn and many nearby buildings

  •  Over 300 docks and marinas modeled with reasonably accurate footprints

  • Roughly 20 square km of photoreal scenery (12 square km land coverage)

  • Three hundred or more static pleasure craft moored at the various docks (half that for FSX)

  • A high resolution AI model of the pleasure craft Angelfish

  • A high resolution AI model of the Pender Harbour tour boat Slocat

  • An AI racing sailboat

  • A static model of a Kenmore Air DHC3 at the seaplane dock daytime May through Sept.

  • Custom, wake, wave, sound and navigation light effects

  • Accurate marine navigation aids

  • PeopleFlow; the number of people you see will depend on the season.

  • As an extra, a pilotable version of the pleasure craft Angelfish

  • A number of real life challenges for the floatplane pilot


If you give CAG8 a try, please read the User Guide, or at least look at the charts and maps; you chance of finding the seaplane dock is otherwise not so good.

CAG8 is now in the beta stage, so if all goes well the release should be not too far away.

Now what you really want to see: the screenshots. (There is one real life shot in this mix too, just for fun.) Thanks to Rob Abernathy for a few of these.


This first shot is from Google Earth showing the extent of the scenery. The rest are in random order.


































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Awww man....just had to do it didn't ya? So glad you did....Perhaps you can invest some time mid VI West Coast side...i.e. Port Alberni, Bamfield, Ucluelet andTofino....for me, then VI and associated areas would be complete with your Vic Plus/Jons Van Plus and Govestines stuff. 

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No pilotable version of the SS Minnow, huh?  Three cases of Molson... one for each hour of the tour.  :D
Seriously though, excellent job with this scenery, Larry!  Really lookin' forward to it!


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Hi Larry


Absolutely beautiful .


I have a question .

This seaplane base has an Airport ICAO - CAG8 , so I presume that it will appear in Sim maps or radar units as an Airport ,

and that it can be input into a Flight Plan .

I realise that that it is a water runway for floatplanes , but does that runway have a Runway length and Runway heading ?


The reason that I ask is that I created a  " Synthetic ILS "  instrument that works for all 24,491 (approx) airports in the FS database .

Page 1 ; You can input the Airport ICAO ( CAG8 ) via keyboard entry , you then get the Distance and Bearing from the aircraft to the entered airport

               regardless of how far the aircraft is from it . 

Page 2 : you select which runway that you wish to use if multiple runways exist at that airport .

Page 3 ; You select which end of of the chosen runway that you wish to use for landing purposes.

               The instrument then calculates a Touchdown spot 6% of the runway length in at the selected end .

               The instrument then provides full precision ILS guidance to the Touchdown spot , via the usual

               ILS deviation bars , providing precise ,

               - Lateral guidance , similar to a Locator .

               - Vertical guidance , same as a Glideslope .

                  ( glideslope is the usual 3 degrees , but can be set to any value desired , ideal for floatplane choppers )

The instrument precision is better than +/- 1 foot .

Can be used Day or Night or zero visibility .




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15 hours ago, teecee said:

He surely does, it was the rocks that had me wondering.. Teecee.




13 hours ago, dexthom said:

The continuous flow of your spectacular sceneries for the float addicted is amazing.  I'll pick the #4 shot as the R/L one.  You need a magnifying glass to tell.




Yes I agree, #4 looks like a real life photo, but some of the screenshots don't look much different to this scene.  Larry's rocks, as well as all the other models seem to replicate the real thing flawlessly.  Larry's work is that good, that maybe #4 is a screenshot after all ;).  Some of the other screenies look like real photos too.

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Larry, you have done it again. Wonderful work. Your rendition of Pender Harbour will get me back to the beautiful BC waterways and a great destination from Nanaimo (Na-nime if I remember your help on the local pronunciation).

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Thanks so much for the kind words folks.

Anton, the American pronunciation of Nanaimo is Na NYe Mo. The Canadian pronunciation is the same but it sounds subtly different. Here’s an audio link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCmpPkQ5whs

Karol,  the airport file for CAG8 follows the same format as those for FTX PNW. There is a hidden runway and one starting point (at the seaplane dock). The runway shows up in the GPS with an anchor symbol at one end. But I doubt there are many IFR flights to Pender Harbour. :) 

For those who might do a quick google search for "Pender" don't confuse Pender Island (North Pender Island  and South Pender Island) with Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast.

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On ‎4‎/‎29‎/‎2017 at 7:50 AM, THibben said:

Can this file be downloaded yet?  If so where is it located?





Hi Tom,


When CAG8 is released it will be announced on the OrbxDirect Release Announcements thread. As with CAX6 it will only be available through  OrbxDirect and FTXC3.  I should also mention that FTX PNW is strictly required. CAG8 will not work without it.

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Your scenaries are  my favourite ORBX products (and that is already a pretty high bar!); I have so enjoyed your freeware I will be only too happy to pay for this one.  I hope you have many, many more up your sleeve!

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Hi Folks

Here are a few screenshots of what's new in CAG8 v1.10, now in testing. Originally the update was just going  to address a minor issue in P3D v4 but then one thing led to another.  Among other things,  v1.10 now includes Merry Island with the southern end done as a large model including the iconic lighthouse. There is an associated helipad.  Nearby Secret Cove and Smugglers Cove have been added.  There is a rather angry fellow standing on the dock near the Secret Cove Marina waiting for his charter flight, talking on the phone. If you are the charter pilot, be careful not to pile up on the rocks getting there.

Stillwater Bay to the northwest of Pender Harbour including the power station and surge tower is represented. The surge tower serves as a landmark when heading north and can be seen almost as far away as Pender Harbour thus part of the reason for its addition.

There is one new feature not illustrated that I’m sure every sim pilot has felt a great need for: an effect that simulates a school of herring swimming by and then diving down. :)















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