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Introducing FTX LSGK Saanen airport - freeware

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Thank you for doing something in Switzerland!

I hope that later on you'll do full-fledged payware airports within Switzerland, plenty of medium-sized marvels around here, like Sion (LSGS), Samedan, near St. Moritz (LSZS) or Lugano (LSZA), all surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. Lugano features a challenging IGS steep approach, so does Sion, and Samedan is high-altitude surrounded by steep mountain sides, but taking up to 737 / A320 aircraft. So lots of challenges to be found around here, both for small and big aircraft.

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19 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:



I mean who in the sim world DOES this?  No one.  Do you know how much I appreciate this?  This is how to generate life-long customers.  I don't even bother looking at other companies' stuff anymore.  



I can second this. After my last complete new setup due to the new PC, only the ORBX world found the way back on my sim. There is no need need for other.

Thanks Sylvian for this great svenery, looking forward to it.



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How cool is that?!! If I personally had one wish for a Swiss airfield, this would have been it. I've been at this airport several times, but not for flying, but for playing music at the nearby festival which took place once a year at Saanen airport territory. Definitely the most scenic concert and on of the nicest festivals I've ever played on - and this have been quite a few!


So I've already used the real runway there, but not with an aircraft, but with the tour bus as the runway was part of the official way to get to the festival :D


I've wondered if I would ever have the chance to fly there virtually. Now I will have. Thanks so much for even doing this for free!!

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On 2017-04-18 at 9:02 AM, antonvs said:

Great work and thank you again Sylvain. When complete it will make a magnificent circuit from LOWI, LIDA LSGK and back to LOWI.

Here's what I had in mind:

Anton via Tapatalk Pro

Excellent idea!

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