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New Orbxlibs 170301


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Updating OrbxLibs 170301 via FTXC is a mess, I am sorry to say.
Updating for 90 minutes with several break ups, holding at this status:



Yes, I have activated "Use multiple threads for downloads" and yes, I have "cleared unfinished ORBX downloads" in advance.
Cannot imagine, how this will work with new sceneries like LOWI ...


My internet connection:



UPDATE: After several attempts it gives me the following error now:



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This is a known issue with the new multithreaded download capability which the team is working on.


The following procedure should work around the issue:


  • Go to Settings
  • Under the Tools section, click on "Clear Temp"
  • Under the General section, un-check (disable) the "Use multiple threads for downloads"
  • Hit save
  • Try again.
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Thanks Doug.  I should have been more specific.   I did in fact download the libraries from that link but am concerned that by attempting to install these I will somehow be forced to update to FTX Central 3 which I wish to avoid at the moment.  By installing these libraries are you saying they will work fine in FTX Central 2 without any prompts that I must first update to FTX Central 3?  In other words, would they work just as well in FTX Central 2?


I thought I had read somewhere that all new patches, updates, etc., actually require FTX 3 to be installed, but could be mistaken.

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Thanks Doug, I did see that as well but it wasn't clear to me if the attempted installation into FTX C2 would trigger an update to FTX C3 or not (or any other changes I wish to avoid at present).  I recently I discovered that unchecking the FTXC2 update settings isn't necessarily a guarantee that it prevents update prompts:




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That's a good point.  As I expressed in my other post I do fully intend to eventually move over to FTX C3, just not in present. All I really was after, for now, in respect to

the update prompts, is pleeze...someone....make it stop :D

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