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Global and openLC_Europe Entries


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Thanks! I know that OpenLC_EU goes below all my addon scenery and above default scenery.

But what about FTX Global? Are they "FSGlobal 2010 Entries" in the box you showed me? However, I cannot put them below the "Named Default Scenery".

I am a little confused now..... 

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FTX Global Base does not have entries with that name.

They are OLC entries which you will already have placed correctly.

FS Global is the Pilot's product that provides additional mesh.


(No need to quote a post that is the one above, especially not as it

includes a large image).

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sorry to post the table again but it appears that the "Definitive Guide" although somewhat out of date (May 2016) is not easily found as there is no link in FTX Central v3.

I would recommend that an updated Guide be made available with a link on Central in hopes that perhaps a few percent of ORBX'ers (who reads manuals? "Mother I'd rather do it myself"!) would find it informative and answer the repeatedly asked question of "Is my scenery library correct".


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