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Salt Lake City (bay, lake, wetlands)


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Hi there,


Today I flew from Salt Lake City Int. And looking below me it all looked rather blocky. Comparing it with Google Earth it all seem to be a bit off. I thought that OLC, Vector, Global where supposed to enhance the area? But this looked complete wrong to me. Or maybe something went amiss in my setup?

Could anyone check the area please. The screenshot is in summer time.


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Hi Rob,


the area looks the same on my PC meaning it's not a setup/installation issue. It's very difficult to model complex wetland structures and salt flats with raster or polygon landclass files so that's perhaps a bit too much to expect from a continental-scale landclass product like openLC NA. However, I'd agree that some of the Vector shorelines are actually less detailed or accurate than the default versions in that area.


There's already been posted a recent request to improve on the Antelope Island area here -- http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/129154-antelope-island/#comment-1149594 -- but I don't know its status.


Cheers, Holger



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