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FTX Innsbruck Full Preview #2: A few of my favourite things

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Oh - My - God !!!

This is incredible.

Really ?!!! This is Mozart,this is de Vinci. This is the essence of FS programming. It's about how to feel a place and transcript it in FS world.

Oh - My - God !!!


Well it can't be De Vinci. But this is just about giving a huge amount of work in every squarred inch of the scenery.

So, yes, its De Vinci. In 2054, people will remind you of De Jarrad or The Marshall. (no i haven't drink yet).




Hmm maybe Johannes Vermeer.

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I have travelled this valley 100s of times with train up to Seefeld but this will be my first visit to the airport. It looks jaw-dropping fantastic and spot on! You keep raising the bar with every airport Jarrad. So many details included, that it is hard to imagine the number of hours you have dedicated to this new masterpiece.

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Just now, Rob Ainscough said:

How's the night lighting? ;)


Brilliant work.


Cheers, Rob.

O yes..Rob!

Just now, John Venema said:


Will be compatible Rob ;)

O Really John! Compatible with what ;) 

O yes...silly me! 1 beta tester to another ;)



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5 minutes ago, Berni said:

The greatest scenery I have ever seen..!!

Just the parked cars.. any chance to get modern european cars?


I guess "modern cars" (rounded?) would eat up polygons real fast; aside from that I think I remember having seen quite a lot of trucks/jeeps in the Alps, so it's actually quite a good fit unless you take a really close look at the parking lots. :)

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15 minutes ago, John Venema said:

We licensed Euro cars from TurboSquid but they were FPS eaters so Jarrad has recoloured our very low poly libs to ensure you don't get a slide show.


Thats interesting. Would be amazing if we could get to the point (maybe with one of these new sims on the horizon) that we could see that license realized. They make beautiful models at TurboSquid

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1 hour ago, John Venema said:

You are seeing a masterclass in airport development, nothing less.

Now THAT's understatement! You name any superlative, I second that instantly. Some of the pictures do look like photos that were taken on the real airport. Regarding the cars: even in the alps pickup trucks are not that common on european parking lots, and the most VW T3-Model Campers/Multivans have found their way to the scrapyard. But that doesn't change my enthusiasm one bit. You got me! I will even use my credit card for this one!;)

Waiting for Ian...

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