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For a hand full of ... full of ... Slivovic

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Finally we got down at Linz and just headed to the next candy store.


It´s owner tried to block it´s doors. We were faster yet. So we cleared the store. It is empty yet and it´s owner down with his nerves. So we placed the sweets in some container. Below you see a pic. 




Not that we were greedy ones. But we just liked the sweets.


Finally my first office just said: "Now we just need to find some good Slivovic."


I just smiled and then said: "Oh yes, let´s let push back the machine"




So I guy with a tractor came. We asked: "Hey, where do we get a slivovic?"


He looked up at us and replied: "Head southward to Zadar, my friend has a store with liquors there."


We nodded and replied: "Thank you, Sir. And now start deicing the machine."




So we left Linz, heading over the alps again. 




The sun was already going down, again. We just sat in the cockpit, wunk and said: "Good bye, old friend."




We passed Innsbruck Valley again and asked: "Hey, is LOWI from Orb soon on sale again."


But one guy below just nodded and said: "No it will still take a while"




So we decided to speed up the engines. At least we wanted to catch up with the liquor store, before it closed for the day.




So the alps faded in distance, and a big, big lake crossed our way. I guess it is called Mediterranean Sea ...




So we finally decided to get down to lovely Zadar




Meanwhile, in descend. We just watched the sun shining over the big lake ... ooopsss, mediterranean Sea.






< to be continued ... with candies or without >


Products used in the pics:

Prepar3d V3 - Aerosoft A320 - Rex Airports Worldwide HD - Orb Global FTX - Orb Vectors FTX - Orb Open Landclasses: Europe - Orb Trees HD - Freemesh (Freeware) - Active Sky 2016 - GSX - Rex Textures and Softclouds - World of AI (Freeware) - PTA 2.01 with Adam_PTA 2.07 Script (Freeware

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