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San Diego International Airport - KSAN - 1st Look

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Stunning work here by Matteo Veneziani. Here are my first shots showing the airport and surrounding scenery all shot in P3Dv3.2


There is lots and lots to explore here, with such level of detail. Of course, there are options in the control panel to switch in and out.


Compatible with Global/openLC NA & SoCal :)























































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Well, I'll buy it today if it was out.


And can't wait for Innsbruck too.


I just hope KSAN isn't a VAS killer like KFHR.  I know it's the original code but even though, it can be great for short trips.  This is too good to pass up and they seem to keep getting better with every release.


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The airport looks great! It blends very realistically with the surroundings. The one issue I am having is the dramatic contrast of some of the buildings downtown to their surrounding and ground colors and temps. Not to nit pick by any means but it is hard not to notice. Additionally the way they are dark at the bottom and light at the top. 

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The good: San Diego cityscape looks really nice, which will make approaches into KSAN much more enjoyable. Very nice job, there!


The bad: this criticism is meant to be respectful and constructive, so please don't read anything negative into what I am about to say.... The airport itself needs some work. The modeling looks fine, but I think the actual textures need some work.  Also, the airport photoreal background and ground poly textures look rather plain/clean. They are too faded and bland.  The green taxiway edges also need to be intensified.


I think this scenery has a lot of potential, and I look forward to watching the progress.






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Excellent shots of Beta rendition that reflect a lot of time & effort by developer.

Looking at the ones that show the relative location of the airport & its closeness to the CBD & residential areas, am surprised it's still allowed to be where it is.

Would not wish to live on the approach paths.


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11 hours ago, Airwolf said:

who can one fly with a PMDG over FTX region with KSAN addon?  wouldn't the VAS usage be extremely high?

I guess fly to approximate 30 miles from KSAN, save flight and restart your FS and do the approach? It is not good for the immersion of the flight but at least you can land. 

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I fly my pmdg to KSAN all the time,. you have to set you VC to the lite version in the PMDG config. the only thing missing that I ass is you can't look out the left window ans see your wing tip.  very little difference in visuals, but helps with VAS. 


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Looks great except for a few things. The airport ground textures look way too clean and plain. Also the jetways could use some major improvements and they should be remodeled to look like they are in real life. And the roads just outside the airport are not modeled at all and those should be. Also the ground vehicles look out of place because they do not look like the real counterparts at KSAN. 

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