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One of Central Rockies' "Upgraded" Lewiston-Nez Perce Airport


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I've read some other posts about the smaller strips in the ORBX regions, and I've come across a few now.  Landed this afternoon at one of the fantastic "upgraded" airports in the Central Rockies region on leg five of a cross continent tour - Orcas (KORS) to Lewiston - Nez Perce (KLWS).  What a great small regional airport.  Good amount of detail, and there's likely dozens of these!  Seems like a nice place to have a look around!






One of the great things about the ORBX regions are these upgraded fields.  I'll never be able to see them all, but it's so much fun to land and see what's been done to them.

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Hi Folks,


And - add in all the "improved" freeware airports outside the regions - and there are more than you can possibly fly to...


I flight plan off this map all the time and only use "improved" airports...






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When I said dozens, I did mean the smaller regional airports.  You're right in that there are hundreds of small fields that have been improved, too.  I've landed at several, and some are a very pleasant surprise!  I think, for the most part, the regions are a very good deal given all of these extras.  Wish I had more time to explore!

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