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Happy Christmas chaps.

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Well then chaps I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, And Thank you all my friends old and new for being here with us on the forum and supporting Orbx throughout the year.

I hope you all have a great and safe time this Christmas.

Take care

Iain  Ayiesha and Mr Rollo the cat.


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A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours as well Iain!

Cant wait to see what happens with our hobby, very exciting times ahead, looking forward to seeing what your screenies are going to look like :)



Greg Z

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1 hour ago, BrianV said:

I wish you and Mr. Rollo a wonderful Christmas too and look forward to many more of your shots in 2017


Oops! I forgot to wish Mr. Rollo a Happy and Merry Christmas as well Iain. I should pass along that my furminator, Indiana Jones the cat, sends his holiday wishes as well. :)

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There is never a question in my mind that health is priority one especially having just come out of three weeks of very tough health issues but am getting back to "normal" again.


So here's wishing you an yours a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe, fun year ahead...without any fear.


Merry Christmas

Bryan Wallis (fltsimguy)

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