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ORBX OpenLC to secondary drive?


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Hello friends,


Had 30Gigs left on my SSD --> went to install OpenLC EU --> Got to 80% and download/install failed, at the same time I noticed my SSD capacity continuously plummet to as little as 100KB. Not sure why this happened, after quitting the install and restarting the computer it went back up to only 5Gigs.


Q1. Why did so much space get deleted?

Q2. I ended up simply designated my secondary HDD as the download point for the OpenLC EU and it installed there and seemed to work in FSX despite no junction links and etc, however, REX4 texture injections don't seem to work. Is there anything that I did terribly wrong? Should I delete all ORBX Global files and OpenLC and reinstall? or should I man up and learn how to install a larger SSD?


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


-Thank you, Dan

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