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Winndows 10 or windows 7

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I have also moved to Windows 10 and like it as much as Win7 .. Also  I haven't suffered any FSX problems as a result of the anniversary update ..Because of things that I read on this site I did a clean install of Win10 ,which I think has saved me a lot of problems.  

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The problem with staying on Win7 is that next to no one is putting time and money into maintaining stuff like device drivers and so on. Its critical for say GPUs to have device drivers optimised and supported. Win 10 has a whole new display driver model generation and basically no one is targetting legacy stuff for work, at best you might get a break fix but thats it. Also, Intel for example isnt even doing device drivers for new chipsets they are releasing for anything but Win 10.


Its time to move on fellas :)

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On ‎16‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 3:11 PM, stewart1 said:

For some reason I cant delete them in the add and remove could just install over the top 

Hi Stewart,

I would just install over the top, a couple of my payware aircraft [different make ] disappeared and a quick install over the top brought them back okay.

Cheers Reg.

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Well sorted reinstalled my pc with windows 10 pro and installed updates and the anniversary upgrade and then installed fsx steam and p3d and all my scenery

Back on and my aircraft .

Running like a dream  no problems at all  with windows 10 pro .

I have only put the orbx scenery  areas for Europe and ftx global on at the moment  I will stay like this for the time being regards stewart 

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