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Red trees for fall in Trees HD


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With it being Fall, I have been flying in the fall environment for most of my simming.

One thing I notice as a Midwest native however is that while there are orange and yellow trees, there doesn't seem to be any red trees in the bunch. It just seems weird that they're missing. Ever possible we could see this in a patch?


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17 hours ago, Ken Terry said:

I see plenty of red trees, in fact I think from about 500 feet up the fall landscape in most places looks too red.

Here is a bit from Berlin.





Ken, I wouldn't call this red! That's mostly different shades of brown plus a bit yellow and green.These trees are lacking the typical colourful autumn vibrancy.

Edit: With Orbx trees HD I'm also missing those very bright yellow autumn leaves, e. g. like birches have got.


This is what I mean with real red autumn colours:




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