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Adam Howarth

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Hello friends


So AMD is claiming they are back. Meaning, back with performance competitiveness against Intel. Just how far they are competitive will be seen when the Zen CPUs are independently verified. Certainly the executives at AMD are testifying to performance.


What I think is interesting about this is with intel, on the Haswell-E CPU range your looking at mega bucks for an 8 core CPU, 16 with hyperthreading, and beyond megabucks into the ludicrous expense of the 10 core extreme edition CPU. AMD traditionally undercuts this. So we might end up getting a real 8 core, 16 SMT CPU for around what a Skylake CPU costs.


P3D V3 with the usual suspects of addons is one of the few apps in the simulation / gaming space that can use more than 4 cores. Especially at high speed down on the deck, it's possible with 16 HT'ed cores to max it out I've found.


As for Intel....Well Kaby Lake is taking forever to come out and given it's the same 14nm process node, I can't see much beyond minor tweaks being done here and there.


Early 2017 is going to be fun for CPUS and simming me thinks :)



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