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Necessary to load Central?


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I use both FSX and P3Dv2 on my computer and am wondering if I still need to start Central to select the simulator (P3D or FSX) or is this handled automatically?  Also, I don't presume that I need to select an Scenery Area (Global or North American) before starting the flight, or is this handled automatically?


Thanks for clarifying.

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Do you still see a start menu when you open FTX Central?

I have created registry entries for FSX and FSX SE and do still see the

start menu.

If you have updated to the latest FTX Central version, you should no longer see

the Apply Group button, so it is not possible to select a Region.

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Thanks for your quick reply.  

I don't know what you mean about a "start" menu.  When I open FTX, Cental it asks me to select a simulator, then on the left there are two groups.. FTX Global and North America.  I don't see a "start" menu.  I did update when requested, and it seems that I have Central Version 2.1.5988.3534

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 When I open FTX, Central it asks me to select a simulator = a start menu

I assume that you have no Apply Group button.


Unless you have made changes to your installation since your last flight, as before

you have no need to run FTX Central.

However, when you do, you still need to select the simulator you wish it to work on and

then wait for it to finish.

There is no more need to select and apply groups, that is the function that is now

automatic and was the whole point of the upgrade.

I hope I have made myself properly clear this time.



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Sounds good to me, I will only open Central if I have changed my installation from the last time, or if I am changing to a different Simulator from last time.  Let me know if I am misunderstanding you, and thanks.   

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