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We've gotta get outa this place.


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It may well be the last thing we are going to do.

Problems with the throttle of only one engine working meant having to reload the C-17 which is why it appears to be parked tail in in these shots.

It was hard enough attempting a take off with 4 engines so I don't think one would have been enough.

Hold on to your hats and see if the C-17 made it.



Now facing the other way due to engine problems but all 4 motors are now operating.



Most of the village has turned out to see if we can lift off.



Tails up and we go charging down the slope.



I said most of the village but these 2 hens were not interested and would rather feed their faces.


Starting to pick up speed but still not going fast enough to be confident of lifting off.



The slope is apparent in this shot.



Lucky the banana saw us coming and ducked under the wing!


That is all the runway we have so heave back on the yoke and hope we unstick.



That was close but just some trees to clear.


Hope we did not blow too many coconuts off the palm.


Very steep climb away from Tapini.


Banking to avoid a mountain, the perils of not looking where you are going and instead admiring the scenery.


A very exciting day with the Globemaster both at PAGS and in PNG.


Hope you have enjoyed this series of posts.

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Excellent stuff Martyn! High concept and great shots. I was just reading an old article about Bruce Dickinson having flown the band out somewhere to do a 40 years celebration gig, and these shots made me think. So I have to ask - were you the pilot for Spinal Tap, by any chance?

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Nothing like thrust - a few more pounds and you'd've made it with the whole village (including chickens) on board.  Wonder what the density altitude was there? - they've got it all, heat, humidity and altitude.

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