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IMPORTANT NOTICE! Please add your order number to your signature for support

John Venema

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Please add one order number to your forum signature before requesting support


To allow Orbx to better serve its customers who have paid for a legal copy of FTX products, we require that you add an order number for the products purchased from our resellers to your forum profile signature section (see diagram below).


Procedure for logging support questions on this forum


We will keep it really, really simple. Just include the Orbx product code and order number in your forum signature (instructions attached). These are the order numbers you received in your purchase confirmation email from Flightsimstore.com, PC Aviator, FSPilotshop, SimWare or mailSoft. If you purchased an Orbx DVD at a store, please use the invoice or receipt number.


Please indicate at the front of each order/receipt number, which reseller online store you purchased your Orbx product from. Also please do NOT list your serial numbers, date of purchase or other private information.


Example texts:


Flightsimstore.com example - AU BLUE FSS3756


Other DVD resellers examples - FTXAUSP3DVD Simware5847 - YCNK DVD Mailsoft40363 - PNW DVD FSPilotshop129224 - 1S2 DVD PCAviator147123



1. It validates you as a legitimate customer

2. There is no confidential information passed to us or in the public eye

3. It makes it easy for Orbx staff to help you knowing you have a legal copy


Please, if you log a issue and forget to include your order number in your signature, please bear with us when we ask you to post it before we help you with an answer.


Orbx apologises for any inconvenience this may cause our valued, legitimate customers. I am sure there are a number of sites we can point to you to take out your anger on.





UPDATE January 2016



How to add your order number to your forum signature:


** With the new forum software upgrade, you will need at Least One Forum Post to be able to edit your signature **


Immediately after posting your support query in the appropriate subforum:


1. Find the drop-down menu next to your User Name in the upper right hand corner of the ORBX forum

2. Select "Profile"

3. In the Profile window, select the "Edit Profile" button on the top right

4. In the "Edit Profile" popup scroll to "Profile Information" and in the "Order #" box set your order number

5. Click on "Save" to save and exit





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Please, add your ORBX Direct order (also called transaction ID into received mail) if you have migrated your product from FSS or if you are a new customer from ORBX Direct

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