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Cairo to Cape #3, Abu Simbel to Khartoum


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So, next stop Khartoum. Off we go -






Heading out towards the edges of the Nubian Desert.






Leaving the Nile behind for a while




I bet it's hot in that thing, bit like a flying barbecue




So, lots of sand and rocks for a while, and the Nile does a figure "S" underneath us, and eventually we rejoin it as it heads towards Khartoum, coming up ahead




Back to the banks of the Nile providing an environment for folks to live in




Lining up on Khartoum Airport










And, welcome to Khartoum -




Parked up, time to get out the paramotor and go explore -






Back north first, Omdurman ahead to the left. Like most bits of Africa, us Brits had a bit of a ruck there back in the day. Still, it got old Winston off to a good start




Turning back round for a spin over Khartoum. Not a terribly accurate townscape (from what I can tell), but I don't mind that. I sort of figure this trip as a bit like a tour round some sci-fi "alternate reality" (It's Earth Jim, but not as we know it). As long as it feels ok, and to me this does, I'm happy. It's as close as I'm going to get to the real place (and it's actually about as close as I want to get) so all's well in my world




Actually, I think it's quite nicely done, particularly at the outer fringes of the town










Anyway, enough of that. Back up along the river to the airport and we'll pack up and be off again






Current thinking is that I'll head off next to somewhere called Tana Lake, towards the northern end of the Ethiopian Highlands, then maybe divert to the coast towards Djibouti, and then come back down the Eastern Rift Valley to stop at Addis Ababa.


I'm turning into one of those annoying neighbours that insist on showing endless slides of their holidays!

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28 minutes ago, Voyager said:

But there is a lot of sand, and the green you see ... is a courtesy of FTX Global Base! LoL


Hi Voyager, certainly most of the green in Khartoum is FTX, but there is a fair bit of green alongside the Nile for real, if not maybe quite as lush as FTX makes it. Hopefully, the next leg will start to see a bit more green and a bit less sand. I'm getting fed up with having to empty my shoes out when I come off the PC.

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