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The Adriatic Jewel: Introducing LDDU Dubrovnik!

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Beautiful! Those images bring back great memories - we flew in and out of LDDU last September and your shots of airport and city are just brilliant. Really looking forward to repeating the experience in P3D.

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Misha, Rasha


An excellent, very scenic choice and a great destination from Sylvain's beautiful Asiagio ! I hope it integrates well within OpenLC EU and Vector which already make flying the Balkans a pleasure. This focus on South Europe (I wouldn't call Croatia Eastern Europe :)) is very much appreciated.  I hope you get the commercial success that will encourage you to do more of Mediterranean airports.  Enough Norway, enough Germany, go South young men !

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Another spectacular looking airport. One that supports a wide range of aircraft is always appreciated.


A fine ORBX debut for Mr. Rasha Tucakov, and a killer combo being teamed with Mr. Misha. :)


I look forward to it's release.

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First of all I want to apologize for being so quiet about my work in ORBX. During this long period of development process, Airport Dubrovnik was constantly changing it's appearance thanks to ongoing reconstruction. The other great difficulty was sloped parking which is quite big and stretches along terminal, whole apron and GA area. I was working very hard to model it as accurate as possible.
Somebody asked about moving jetways, and I must disappoint you, but first release will only have static jetways.
This preview shows work in progress and you can expect more new awesome details in release version.
I must say that I'm delighted with cooperation with Misha and I'm already looking forward to next cooperation on future projects.
Thank you all for the great reactions on this preview.
Oh! I have almost forget to correct Misha. This airport can easily handle the the biggest jets like 747.

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10 hours ago, Misha Cajic said:

- Only FTX Global required!


Wow, it's a good thing that is the only requirement, because there are no regions availablefor this location! :P



Looks Amazing!!! Was lucky to visit Dubrovnik 4 years ago, and it's really beautiful. This add-on will be a first-day buy!


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1 minute ago, Holy Cheese said:

Rasha, does the sloped parking have any negative effect on AI traffic? Thinking about PAKT...




The apron and taxiways aren't sloped, only the parking lots and terrain on the landside of the terminal, so AI will function fine.

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This is really beautiful MIsha and Rasha!  I would ordinarily not think of this part of the world for my sim flying as I have no personal ties there and have never visited, but like so many other Orbx creations the clear quality of your work draws one in. B)


Question - do you have any background on the very prominent clifftop helipad that you have modeled?  Is that for a hospital of some type?


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