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OpenLC North America, Washington State

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Hi all...


For those that are eagerly awaiting OpenLC for flying around the Pacific Northwest, here's a few shots of a tour over Washington from my last testing run. 


Of course Orbx PNW full region gives even better detail, but I think we can all agree it's a massive improvement over default, and even a huge incremental improvement over FTX Global. But see for yourself...


All screenshots taken in P3D V3.2, using Activesky live weather, FTX Global Base, FTX Global Vector, FTX Global OpenLC North America.


Pasco and Kennewick (and the Columbia River)





The Cascade foothills




Arid Eastern Washington


Snoqualmie Pass & Keechelus Lake


Downtown Seattle


Mt. Rainier


Prescott Power station




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Hi Rob

Great stuff-cannot wait for this to be available

Would it be churlish to introduce a slightly discordant note by asking where  Tongass Fiords fit in to this new setup?



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2 hours ago, dogtrack said:

Just curiosity, Rob; what was the performance like around Seattle?  much the same or a little better?


I had all my P3D settings at max (except shadow quality one away at "High", max texture size of 2048, dynamic reflection off and approximately 25% ai traffic). I also was running Active sky Next realtime weather, with some relatively dense clouds. Typically, in a default sim, I'd get about 25fps around KSEA in that situation (That's my usual benchmark for testing settings). PNW gives me around 22fps, and the full FTX Global setup as shown in the screen captures was 25fps.


With typical P3D/FSX settings, somewhat lower than what I used here, that will only increase. At the end of the day, the full FTX Global experience was pretty much identical performance wise to default, despite having much higher detail and density. This has been holding true no matter where I end up flying (incidentally, I was getting around 70fps in the more rural, less urbanized areas!).


27 minutes ago, xxd09 said:

Hi Rob

Great stuff-cannot wait for this to be available

Would it be churlish to introduce a slightly discordant note by asking where  Tongass Fiords fit in to this new setup?




I wouldnt call that discordant :)


Tongass Fjords is actually a different product. It is more akin to an FTX full region and includes a lot of additional content and value beyond basic landclass, vector and textures. Indeed that's why there is a gap between Orbx SAK and PFJ full regions, as Tongass Fjords fills that gap perfectly. 


In other words, the combination of FTX Global Base, FTX Vector, and FTX Global OpenLC North America - Alaska/Canada (not the current USA/Mexico package in testing), is going to give a hugely upgraded view, but not to the same level as Tongass Fjords. Just the same as FTX full regions are higher fidelity.

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Great shots Rob. I think you're underselling it a bit when you say "incremental" upgrade over FTX Global. More like an incremental downgrade from PNW. I can only imagine what flying anywhere in NA is going to be like with this release when one has the full regions, plus LC installed. Just WOW! The stuff you guys are putting out rivals photoreal scenery in LC, but way outshines photoreal with the ability to autogen, especially with the trees and buildings you have developed over the years. Really great work!

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Great to see the comparison with our well-known full-fat areas. These still make a huge difference - though the improvements of FTX global vs. default are already a pleasure.

This also means we can expect something with FTX GER N...

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