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Help required installing ORBX titles...


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Hi there  :-)


Just picked up a brand new PC during the last 2 weeks. I'm busy downloading away getting the new machine up to date.

I've installed FSX and am just blown away with the FPS (Frames per second) in its standard form - great stuff!

Thought it was about time I spruced things up a bit and started installing the many ORBX titles I've purchased over the years.

Can't wait to see how far I can push a brand new machine with most/all bells and whistles switched on.


Problem I'm having is a 'Shared violation' message after each product is installed.

Anybody know how I fix this?  Cheers.




Note: I'm not just copying old installers over from the old machine. I've downloaded all installers from scratch from The Flightsim Store website. 

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Update - looks like I've sorted it out!   :-)


Just got lucky. Tried a different installer, the AU SP4 installed successfully + it installed FTX Central 2.

After that, every other installer seemed to work -hurrah!  What a relief.


Kind regards and best wishes to all!


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FSS0006453 (AU Gold + AU Blue),

FSS0009107 (Melbourne Intl Airport V1),

FSS0011743 (AU Green) ,

FSS0013589 (AU Red),

FSS0022841 (Avalon Airport) ,

FSS0076916 (Melbourne Intl Airport V2),

FSS0122367 Essendon Airport),

FSS0140935 (NZ Sth Island + Moorabbin Airport),

FSS0175005 (NZ Nth Island),

FSS0186670 (England),

FSS0223096 (Global),

FSS0233712 (Queenstown Intl Airport),

FSS0242997 (Bathurst),

FSS0468840 (Australia SP4)


Hi everyone - I've been away for a fair while.

Got a rude shock yesterday when I noticed FlightSim Store had shut down.

Bit of a worry when having to transfer purchases to ORBX directly as the list above is all I have + those items currently installed.


I've downloaded the latest FTX Central 3 + purchased Australia V2 yesterday. The Melbourne CBD looks much, much better.


I fear I might be in trouble with updating old purchases - see attachment.



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