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FSX and FSX Steam Edition options

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If FSX boxed is the only FSX version on a PC, clearly the correct installer and FTX Central version to use is the FSX


In any case, there will only be a choice of FSX in the installer drop down menu and FTX Central will simply start and

manipulate FSX files.


Some confusion may arise when FSX Steam Edition is the only FSX version on the PC.

If it has been correctly installed, the installer and FTX Central should recognise it as FSX boxed and behave as above.


Sometimes, however, the installer and/or FTX Central will register that there is a copy of both versions, when in fact there is not.

If this occurs and FSX Steam Edition is the only version installed, it must be treated as if it were FSX boxed, again as above.

If either the FSX Steam Edition installer option of the FTX Central FSX Steam Edition option are used, files will be placed in

misnamed folders and FTX Central will not see them and generate an error message.


This may seem a little counter-intuitive but the FSX Steam Edition installer and FTX Central options are only for where both versions

are installed on the same PC.

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