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KEKA My Final Shots.

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Great news and even more so that this comes with am added bonus! Looking forward to this way more than installing an update to P3D3 which I will keep for a rainy day and, for the time being, enjoy the splendor of my P3D2.5 which is by all accounts great with the ORBX addons doing all their magic!


Working all day, And the sun don't shine, Trying to get by, And I'm just killin' time

I feel the rain, Fall the whole night through, Far away from you, California blue


Thank you Iain, this is excellent news. 


This entire preview section has been dormant since P3D came out, so this warms my soul.

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It looks great, but please one very important correction!


As a drag racing fanatic I've waited a long time for a good dragstrip scenery to show up, and it's fantastic that (it looks like) you are including Samoa dragstrip as shown in the last picture.  But please, concrete barriers are never used in the centerline between the two lanes as you have them positioned, and definitely not at Samoa.   It's true they are used on the outside of the lanes so cars don't go off the strip, but the centerline is left clear.  As a good reason - cars that cross the centerline are disqualified, but we don't want them to get wrecked.  So what you have right now sticks out like a sore thumb as being incorrect and, I hate to say it, unattractive.  I want to buy this scenery very much but would find this a big, big turn off.


Reference Pic of Samoa:




Include a proper "Christmas Tree" and you will make a whole lot of FSX drag racing fans extremely happy!

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Good question but it wouldn't matter if it was because the FTX NCA installer isn't even P3Dv3 compatible yet.

Perhaps an opportunity for P3Dv3-compatible installers to be released for both FTX NCA and KEKA at the same time. :)

But then, that might result in a delay in purchasing KEKA if the FSS website gets overloaded again.

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