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So I am in the process of learning Sony Vegas Pro 13 and put together a little test video. I know all the mistakes I made as I have watched it repeatedly. I still thought it was a nice little first effort. Excuse the supposed choppiness at the end as that is apparently something to do with YouTube and how it produced my video. The original video is not choppy at all. If anyone out there is also a Sony Vegas user or a YouTube up-loader maybe you can give me some advice on things I can do better or maybe why YouTube likes to Damage the video at the end as it did. Otherwise enjoy the flight and the music.   :) Also, not sure how to embed the video as others seem to do so all you get is a link till someone tells me how to do it correctly.   :)






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Simply copy the full link in the blank space.


Critic, sure, 4 minutes before take off is way to long.


You have some very nice shot in there! You should use those only (I'm sure you know witch one), for fun, to the same video and do it under or around 3 minutes.


When you like to put music/song, built you vid around that song. Every punch into the song can be use a cut mark or fade mark.


I'm sorry I don't use VEGAS, maybe other can chip in.


I think you vid is really nice over all. Are you using EZDOK?






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