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ACTIVE P3d Auto config runs but is not saved


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I have FSX and P3d installed. In FSX all is working just fine. Major problems with P3D however. I run the auto configurator. It appears to run, notifies that it did run and was successful. The warning box comes up to remind you to it hit apply. I  do hit apply. Another box says it was successfully saved.  But I never see the green bar show up! It is not apparently saved at all. Nothing is saved and in fact if you close it the changes are gone. my P3D is on it's own separate drive but all other ORBX products have installed without error. Base is there along with Pilot's mesh.

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Thanks: I have reinstalled repeatedly. Here is what I got. After coping terrain and scenery files to insure there was one in the P3D folder and one on the C drive location. Cofj. tool did run and did save, green bar and all. I am using KAPA as a test location. I thought i finally had it. But now the runway is not floating, but below ground. The infamous airports with canyons. I tried all manner of mesh resolution numbers. Nothing worked. A total mess. Deleted Vector and base 130. Reinstalled global base 130. Reinstalled Global Vector. All folders are where I would expect them. They show as being installed on central. Original Problem has returned. All default runways are incorrect. 25,000 of them. Ran configuration tool. Now were back to will not save. Psd looks good right here. Because config did not save, nothing is loaded. Looks like P3D with  Global base and mesh added. I have decided to just leave it as it is. I am through with this mess.

I never answered your question. I the FTX_Vector folder, there are; ACE, APT,CVX,EXX,OBJ,FS GLOBAL VECTOR CONFIGURATION TOOL.

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