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ANNOUNCEMENT September 2015 screenshot contest! Prize? Any Orbx Product of your choice!

Iain Emms

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September 2015 screenshot contest! Prize? Any Orbx Product of your choice!


1. One entry per forum member

2. You can submit edits, whatever you like.

3. The shot must be using an Orbx region or an Orbx airport; no restrictions on aircraft

4. Please, only submit you screenshot via a reply to this topic. No comments from any other forum member.

5. Any no -screenshot post (ie comment) will be deleted

6. Entries close 30th of Septembert midnight GMT

7. You can not vote for your own shot in the contest

8. Winner will be chosen by a poll of you members that have entered the contest one vote each to cast.

9. When the contest ends on the 30th of this month Midnight GMT, Everyone that has entered a shot will have one vote each to choose the winner of the contest, I will open the voting just after the contest ends and it will run for six days until the 6th of October 2015 at Midnight GMT to give you all a chance to get your votes in, then I will announce the winner of the contest.

Good Luck to you all now get v keying.

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" Today was a warm and sunny September day, .....  so I brought my trusty  'boombox'  , ....  then .....  I just pressed the button  'play' .  Sitting on the deck near Bowerman Bay,  I watched the planes come,  stay for a while,  and then go away .."


Good Luck,   Everyone !

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Mine for the month.  VFA-14 Super Hornet Low Transition Departure at KRDD on a stormy morning heading back to NAS Lemoore.  Repaint credit to my good buddy Ben!


Good luck everyone, there has been some really nice submissions already.



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