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ANNOUNCEMENT Heads up: openLC NA split release and Vector 1.3 update

John Venema

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Great news !!!!


Just perfect timing. Taking a break from FSX in the summertime , waiting to build my monster rig early Sep or so( i7 4790K, GTX 980 ) .


I live in Canada and this is going to be huge! Current landclass I have now , annoying  repeating textures in Ontario and especially Nova Scotia will be GONE .


I have OpenLC EU now and I am still amazed by the detail and accuracy ( sometimes I have Google Earth open when I fly and it is as "real and accurate" as it gets)


And I already e-mailed Santa Claus for what I want for Xmas -  OPEN LC USA!!!!!


Thank you!!!!

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This is wonderful news to cheer me up having just returned to the real world from a holiday!


Splitting the product to get part of it sooner is exactly what I had hoped might happen when the reasons for the delays were explained by John earlier this year. My dream of just flying slowly from airfield to airfield across the whole of North America is finally in sight.


Really pleasantly surprised by the price as well considering the work that is going into this. Thanks JV


Flyguy767 - you are going to love the i7 4790K build, see my sig. At the moment that combination is still excellent for any variant of FSX.

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Thanks for the tip, my credit card is ready!


One question though: does this mean Mexico/Caribbean will be moved to OpenLC South America?

Hi Juanvito,

  yours is an interesting question, actually. Geographically and politically speaking Mexico belongs to the North America continent. Caribbean and Cuba to the Central America continent.

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Hello everyone,

In the coming week we'll be testing openLC Alaska/Canada which is now about 90% done. Preview screenshots will begin as soon as Emmsie and co get to play with it.

We listen to our customers, and because you've asked for it, we're going to split openLC NA into two products, both triple-installers and FSX:SE ready.

1. openLC NA Alaska/Canada - due August - AU$19.95 (US$14.50 £9.50 €13.50)

2. openLC NA USA - later this year - AU$19.95 (US$14.50 £9.50 €13.50)

The price is effectively half of the original $39.95 planned for all of NA. This approach means you get Artic/Alaska/Canada *now* instead of waiting until later this year, and you're not paying any more for the split products.

The rest of openLC USA is well underway and we are negotiating with more contractors to help refine and better represent the small towns and settlements which have been the major hiccup. We want everyone in the USA to be able to accurately recognise their home town.

In terms of new ground textures there is a vast new palette already done for the USA to better represent the SE coast, deserts, cities, suburbs, rural plains and everything in between. It will be like a 'mega-region' covering the whole of the USA and we're excited about it already!


UPDATE: I've posted some alpha preview shots in the USAhttp://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/100340-first-ever-alpha-screenshots-of-openlc-na/

Vector 1.3

The PILOT'S team are doing final compiles of the Vector 1.3 update which addresses many user reported bugs and missing features and add major new data for PNG and North America. We hope to have this in testers' hands by the end of next week. Vector v1.3 will be a free update and triple-installer.

PILOT'S is under contract to Orbx to product Vector 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 over the coming 24 months, so the commitment to the roadmap is very real and it's a multi six-figure investment by Orbx, our largest single contract ever negotiated in our company history. We want Vector to be the go-to product for everyone and the only way to achieve that goal is constant improvement.

I hope this news is welcome to you all, and I do thank you for your patience given the delays in our rollout roadmap announced back in 2013. It will be worth the extra wait.


Loved that post John. And loved the news about Vector (as was wondering what was happening with that)! Hoping that Vector 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 will also enhance vector in the rest of the world too, to fit in with the other OpenLC products. I have faith and, a big "Yes", this is all very welcome and fantastic news and I know when you say it will be worth the extra wait, it most certainly will and I'm very happy to know that I get to wait as it gives away how good all the products are really going to be....USA 'mega-region' sounds unbelievable! Thank you for all the great news...looking forward to all that is to come out of the house of Orbx...the goto 'Sim planet'! ::)

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Rest assured chaps as soon as I get my hands on these there will be more previews up than you can shake a stick at.




Hi Iain.


If you could do a screen shot over CYKZ Buttonville Airport that is part of the North America Freeware Packs and the OpenLC Canada.....what would be awesome. I am very curious how this airport turns out with Landclass



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My apologies if this has already been answered, but according to earlier announcements, Greenland is part of openLC NA. Is this still the case?


I'm wondering about this too.


When OpenLC NA Canada/Alaska is released, I will do a ferry flight low and slow from Nova Scotia to the Pacific coast of Alaska. Gonna take weeks and I'm gonna love every bit of it. :)

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As an avid developer and tech geek, I'd just love to know what goes on behind closed doors at ORBX. It must take quite a team to bring the entire continent of NA into a digital platform.


If only they had a Behind The Scenes documentary on ORBX. I'd tap that! O0

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Where can I find the Vectorpatches V1.10, V1.15 and V.1.20? I think, in my customer account at Flight Sim Store is only the last one, V.1.20. In the support page ORBX I see nothing about Vector. 



Vector 1.20 from your FSS account is the latest version available, no need for patches on the support page, at least until 1.30 is released

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