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ENNO Notodden - Progress!

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Recently joined the ORBX team - Great progress!


A few shots of my project, hopefully soon to hit beta!


Notodden is a small airport in the southern part of Norway. Main features include a large maintenance hangar, winter-storage of planes and sailplane activity. There is also a few scheduled flights every day as well as lots of small GA airplanes coming for touch'n'goes or a hamburger at the nearby cafè. Notodden has a single runway, currently the only one of its kind in Norway - It has a road with car traffic running across. The road is open at all times, so landing has to be done right above passing vehicles. Makes the approach way more interesting  8)


Modelling and texturing: 80% done

Night textures 80% done.


Next up: Winter season







C&C Very welcome!


// Finn



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Nice! Ever since the release of FTX Norway I haven't flown anywhere else so any Orbx addon airport is good news to me! I wonder if it will be one of those smaller addons which 'only' gives you the airport or will nearby surroundings (city?) also be modeled? I'm just asking this out of curiousity: I will buy any Norwegian airport anyway. ;) (I can be pretty patient but Orbx Norwegian airports are taking way too long LOL.)

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Who needs a summer vacation, right??  8)


Just aquired rights to the photoscenery on Notodden! A few color corrections and some stitching together, and we'll be in BETA ! 


A few progress shots.. 



P3D Specular shine at work.



Working animated traffic - Done!  Careful not to hit that truck!  :ph34r:



..And a few custom Cessna 206 static models just rolled out after some heavy maintenance.



Have a nice summer, all! 


// Finn

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Dude did you photoshop your head on to that guy wearing a tie?  Or is that really your head?


If the developer even know himself when it will get released, he would not tell us. At least he did take time to share some update shots and tell us that it is very close now to going into beta.

Welcome to the forums.

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