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  1. Scoot has reactivated international services just for us, with one of their Dreamliners ready for boarding at Broome. Here we go. Along Cable Beach ... ... and over the sea. The innertropical convergence zone always has some thunderstorms on the menu... ... as we reach Bali. Descending over Pulau Bintan. Vector data are fine, the landclass is default and FTX Global Base. Kampung Baru. Could be northern Europe as well... On final into my favourite East Asian hub, ... ... you know which.
  2. From Fitzroy Crossing it is just a short flight to the coast... ... passing settlements like Noonkanbah, ... ... along (dry) Fitzroy River... ... and getting in touch of the sea near Curtin. The approach offers a first, great perspective of Broome. A bit off the usual routes, but the scenery is absolutely worth some detour. And we are obviously awaited: The tarmac is getting perfectly cleaned.
  3. An average morning in the small Australian location of Broome, WA. 33°C and no clouds visible at the airport. A man is taking pictures of a Qantas 737. On the other side of the terminal, the visitors of the airport café think it's too early to sit down and have a beer. A young man who doesn't look like the waiter ponders if he should sit down next to the lady at the table. But he's too fascinated by another object within his sight! Let's get a better overview of the scenery. Something seems odd here. This is none of the usual visitors to Broome. A Boeing team decided to do some test flights in the town. A relaxed spectator witnesses the rare event of a Triple Seven backtracking on Broome's 7900' runway. Surprisingly, it's not that difficult to turn the 777 around at the end of the runway. Not a challenge for the seasoned pilot! Boeing One X-ray, cleared for takeoff. Level off at 3000' and right turn over the bay. Some of the engineers took seat in the cabin. Rumour has it that one of the locals took the opportunity to do some illegal drone filming. Well done! Unfortunately, the team was too busy to take photos of all the patterns they flew. Ninety minutes later: beer is out of stock, only a vintage newspaper serves the guest. Cheers Lars
  4. G'day everyone, I am delighted to lift the lid on our very first Australian destination for XP11 - Broome International Airport! A project I originally developed for FSX a few years ago, Broome has been meticulously brought to X-Plane with the expertise of Mac Ottlinger and Chris Vezirgiannis. For those not familiar, Broome is a highly-popular tourist destination situated in the rugged Kimberley region of North-Western Australia. A tropical oasis straddling the red desert sands and crystal blue waters of the world-famous Cable Beach, Broome is a melting pot of culture and history. The town has a fascinating and diverse history, much of it centred around the pearling industry that was set up in the 1880s - indeed one of the many visual icons of the town is the sight of a pearling lugger sailing past Cable Beach at sunset. The town also came to prominence during World War II, when the airport (home to USAAF B-17 and B-24 bombers) and town centre were bombed by the Japanese. The most well-known casualties of this raid were a fleet of Dutch flying boats anchored at Roebuck Bay - these aircraft were on their way from the Dutch East Indies to Perth at the time. The airport itself is quite iconic due to its proximity to the town centre - the main runway at YBRM essentially cuts the town in half. From an eastern approach, short (short) finals take you low over the middle of downtown - when visiting the local outdoor cinema (Sun Cinemas - incidentally the oldest outdoor cinema in the world), it is common to be interrupted by a 737 flying over only dozens of feet overhead! When approaching from the west, short finals take you over the impeccably white sand of Cable Beach, passing just to the south of the Cable Beach Resort. Broome Airport is the major regional hub for the Kimberley and north-east Pilbara regions - expect to see a busy mix of airline traffic (Qantas, Virgin Australia, Skippers, AirNorth & Silkair), domestic and international corporate jets, and of course regional GA and heli ops. The airport is a daily host to a wide variety of aircraft, including B738, A320, F100, B717, E170 and DHC8 airliners, S-92 and AS332 helicopters, G550s and even the occasional Il-76. Over on the general aviation ramp, expect to see a flurry of aircraft activity; many small charter companies operating flights to rural and remote communities, in combination with local scenic helicopter flights, and a busy Royal Flying Doctor Service ramp. In recent times, Broome Airport has seen the re-introduction of international flights to Singapore, development of a large heliport to cater for the booming offshore mining industry, and a new control tower. On a personal note, this airport project has always been a bit of a favourite of mine - I spent a fair amount of time here as a kid, and to me it encapsulates the very essence of a unique northern Australian location. I have been very excited to see the development of this project progress; Mac and Chris have done a great job bringing our first "local" destination to life in X-Plane. An enormous amount of passion went into both the original development and the porting to XP, I really hope you all enjoy flying around the area as much as we all did creating it. A perfect fit for any style of simming, Broome really is the best way to start your Australian XP11 collection! KEY FEATURES Superbly-detailed rendition of Broome International Airport Ultra-HD imagery at 7cm/50cm/80cm Professionally colour balanced and edited Includes the entire town of Broome 15 static aircraft unique to YBRM Advanced rendering techniques Dozens of local landmarks & POIs Custom tropical vegetation library Atmospheric dynamic lighting Hand-placed autogen Painstakingly ported to XP11 by Mac Ottlinger and Chris Vezirgiannis Originally developed by Jarrad Marshall COVERAGE Development has progressed quite far down the track; we're now deep into testing and final adjustments. Whilst we don't have an ETA yet, we'll have more news soon, and be sure to keep an eye out for more shots from Emmsie next week. Enjoy! Jarrad
  5. Hello all, flew into YBRM last night and was very happy with what I saw! I see already from browsing the forum that you'll eventually get the taxi network in, which is good news for those of us who use World Traffic and or X-life. In looking under the hood however (ie in checking the scenery out in WED) I found a one off error with one of your forrest poly's having self intersecting points. With the new validation/error check features of wed you can get sent right to the particular error and correct as needed (I used WED 272B2 to find it) Now for the questions are there plans to have FTX be a bit more flexible with those of us who use a naming system different than yours? I use ICAO - Name / Scenery designer (KCGX - Merrill_C_Meigs_Field Orbx) which i find easier to use since in my ini everything will be listed by ICAO first and i can go to the appropriate area faster. Thanks!
  6. G'day guys, One of our beta testers (and connoisseur of all things Australasian) Jon Murchison has made a few shots of Broome International for XP11, which I wanted to share with you guys. We're putting the scenery through it's final paces as we speak; our first Australian destination for XP11 shouldn't be too far away at all. Enjoy!
  7. Hi all, I have been noticing this problem at YBRM for a while now where it appears that runway texture or something is playing up a little (see attached images). It doesn't seem like the whole runway, just a few rectangular patches. No matter how far I fly (within sight of the runway) the rectangles can be seen over the aircraft. I don't believe it is aircraft related as it appears on all aircraft. I'm in P3D V4.2 I have uninstalled YBRM and reinstalled with no change in outcome. Hope you can help, Andrew
  8. Around Broome YBRM on Cessna 172 A2A.
  9. Where else to go for a shake down in the Meteor than with a flight in the RAAF Meteorites-aerobatic team livery to Wolfe Creek crater in WA? Waypoint in sight, so it's time to go down closer for a look-see And there it is - Wolfe Creek meteorite crater Right - been there, done that Westward ho to today's destination Roebuck bay Applying the speed brakes Dropping the undercarriage Nice and easy does it Whaddaya mean, ceep clear of the doors? More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  10. With Spitfire B (O) RN over Broome Congrats, mate! And keep up the great work! More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  11. The Winjeel (young eagle) sure is one hell of a weird little beast - but it really wants to get up into the air (in fact, landing was quite difficult...). I can understand that it was chosen as a trainer. Although it is said in the manual that cockpit shadows were not coded - I had them. Love the unfolding engine "petals" Truly a little beaut! I think I'll be having quite a bit of fun with this one... Cheers Mallard
  12. After some days of rest we were heading into the afternoon out of Broome... ... with an intermediate stop in Cape Leveque, ... ... but over Derby night was closing in. Not a good feeling when you know there is no ILS around. Next morning we could get a seat in a slightly quicker plane for a longer distance. Via Wolfe Creek Crater... ... to Balgo Hill, nicely OZxed.
  13. 40°C warmer than Canada. Perth to Broome is pretty much on the edge of the range of the -9. I could have squeezed another 1,500lbs of fuel in the tank, not that it would have taken me anywhere useful. To paraphrase Dylan Moran, ambling across the stage to get his wine glass; 'That's the problem with this country. Everything is so far apart.' Thunder storms leaving Perth: Back tracking to the terminal: Parked up. Her on the right better be making reservations... I have little doubt that Jarrad has made this more appealing than it might actually be!
  14. What a great way to celebrate the Australia day week end with three Oz airports available for P3DV3.0 Many thanks to those involved and also FSS for the super fast downloads this morning. Now a change of plan for todays flying Have a great Australia Day week end
  15. Put the tiger in your tank... ... and say "goodbye" to the two icons. Salty ponds... ... and the coast. With a perfect timing into sunset. No problem to land the A320 here, but the taxiways are a bit tight... ... while other things are predominantly short. See ya!
  16. I am now able to enjoy the OZx scenery fully. Used it in P2Dv2.4 but there was plenty of missing detail. Just FTX AU, OZx with Ant's sceneries and many of those aircraft that I cannot use in P3D. 1. Tyagarah in NSW with the A2A Cherokee. Must keep mooooving! 2. Lake Argyle Diamond Mine and the A2A C172. 3. Struggling out of Red Cliff with the Duke. 4. Ant's Ballina and his excellent Tiger Moth. 5. Ballina again but with the superb SOH Invader re engined with the TW sound set. 6. Carlton Hill on the way to Wyndham WA. 7. WA and the Invader again beating up FTX freeware Cunderlin. 8. Heading out over Maningrida NT. 9. Finally the QW 757 awaiting departure at Broome. Funny, just spent AU$260+ on P3Dv3.0 and I am spending most of my current flying time on FSX in Australia. Hope you enjoy this set as much as I did flying in these places.
  17. ...this time it's Broome to Alice Springs in a 727 Brown on brown A better approach than in the Darwin set? More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  18. Some pics of a flight from Broome to Darwin in the MD-80 ASN was handing me some beautiful weather along the way - which is probably why I got a bit carried away with screenie-taking More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  19. Post 5.500 - and I get to do it on a flight around Broome with Jan's great VH repaint for the Electra that I picked up over at OZx Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  20. A question here that only the keenest aviation historian would know the answer to. Where is Australias first international airport located? 1. It is not Brisbane 2. Broome is on the west coast and in the direction of Europe but it is not the one. 3. Cairns would be one of the closest Australian towns flying from the States but not here. 4. Not Melbourne as it is too far from the north. 5. Well here it is and I am going to do a short flight to Delamere. 6. This is a delightful freeware on the OZx site by eliassmith02. The roo is very animated enjoying a good scratch. 7. 8. It is on the Stuart Hwy south of Darwin in the Northern Territory. 9. AP engaged and the GPS turns the C-47 on track to Delamere 10. This is all we see for the next 170km so set speed to X4. 11. Overflying Delamere and preparing to land. 12. A nice smooth landing at Delamere. 12a. End of the flight. over the outback. So Australia's first International Airport is at Daly Waters! Here is the history of Daly Waters airport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daly_Waters_Airfield Here is a link to the YDLW airport on the OZx site. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5369-ydlw-daly-waters-northern-territory/
  21. FTX with the lot + YBRM + Pilots FS:Global 2010 mesh for FSX Realair Lancair Legacy 1. 2. An interesting size comparison 3. Climbing out off R.28 4. view over Gantheaume Point. Roebuck bay on the right past the jetty. 5. Passing the Port of Broome 6. Back on deck.
  22. An Australian Customs Dash 8 is departing from Broome on it's way to Ashmore Reef looking for illegal immigrant and illegal fishing activity. Good hunting. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  23. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  24. Testing some Black Magic... Cropped DX10s. Cheers Mallard PS - no - I don't know how to turn the lights off in the last pics. The plane was as cold and dark as could be, but the lights still kept on burning...
  25. Replacing the empty drinks for the upcoming flight. You know that pilot is German, so better be stocked. Pine Gap, the McDonnell ranges, and the jail... Hours later. The drinks are finished, and the crew is on final. I mean, the flight is on final. Can I trust my eyes, or is that taxiway a bit small for the 320? Impressive scenery, you have to feel it yourself & in motion. If you didn´t get this airport yet, consider it seriously. Phone connections are stable up there in Broome...
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