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  1. We were called for a tourist to pick him up at Kings Creek Station. The report said he was run down by a "gigantic, fierce man or bear", fell and got "severly" injured. An unknown time later he was found "somehow lying on the ground of his tent, not able to speak in understandable words". When he woke up he claimed that he only had "one beer, maybe two" during the evening. Upon our arrival he was found stable, but with a severe headache. No traces of the offender were seen, and none of the other tourists reported any uncommon observation. Even the crowd of Big Reds aside the cattle station were quiet... So we just put him into the Jeep and drove him to our plane. Off we went, following Larapinta Drive to the north, ... ... passing Kings Canyon NP. Not a big sight in the sim, but should be in real. (Will be checked next year...) The road winds itself up northwards through the western ridges (there should be a lookout point)... ... and finally turns to the east at "Camels Hump". I wonder how this name was found. Into the western MacDonnell Ranges... you see the crossroad bottom left? As our patient seemed to be in stable condition, we did this little detour... ... seeing Gosses Bluff meteroite crater up the road. We continued to follow Larapinta Drive, which goes right east through Hermannsburg. A few minutes later we passed Pine Gap tracking station (to the right), still following the road towards YBAS. The city of Alice Springs to the left. Descending over the ranges... ... into the 13. Do not land on the dragway to the right! After a safe & soft landing... ... our passenger was taken to the nearby RFDS center. No more symptoms left! In the afternoon he was picked up by his bunch. They also returned the trash from their tour. Maybe this "one beer" is an explanation for all symptoms and observations of our patient.
  2. Following yesterdays arrival... ... my favourite airline with one of my favourite jets is getting ready in Christchurch. A thorough inspection might be wise before this flight. But all looks well maintained... ... so we can take off to the west, ... ... with a last view to the Pacific. Crossing Arthurs Pass NP... ... and Hokitika Gorge, ... ... before we leave island 1: New Zealand. Here we are already at island 2. Ya might guess the city below, even with the payware airport inactive. The lovely Blue Mountains, with the chain of settlements to our right. The "X" is Katoomba airstrip, added with OZx. Uuups, that was obviously the wrong altitude... Now much better. Alice Springs. I suspect all famous places can be seen here. A little close-up for the thirsty souls. Right from the plane one of the many salt lakes show up, Lake Gregory. And Cape Leveque is the point where we leave the 2nd island of this flight. Here we pass Bali (island 3), ... ... turn west towards Pulau Singkep, ... ... descend... ... over Pulau Bintan. I am really looking forward to OLC Asia... Now a quick turn into Singers... ... overlooking famous Tanah Merah golf club. And here we are. Could be on the way back to Europe - but I´ll reveal my plan soon...
  3. When we came to Alice Springs airport the morning after our city tour ... ... we did not expect anything uncommon. In contrast to ActiveSky, which knew what would be coming. The footwalk to the apron already indicated something... ... and if we would have been routined, we´d have guessed as well. When we were allowed to go out of the terminal for boarding, a veritable sand storm had started (not tasting well). Creepy! And now the pants of the pilot got tested. At least mine: On the speedtape you can see that it might already be time to rotate... ... did it. Not too early... OK, the real pilot did it better. Approaching Ayers Rock airport the weather had cleared up. Deboarding for a short tank stop. To be continued. Even though I don´t have a 717 in my virtual hangar.
  4. Just after our arrival ... ... we picked up a suitable rental car at Alice Springs airport for a city tour. Just passing the RFDS base... ... and some minutes later we made a short photo break at the city sign. Antennas to the left... ... trains to the right. The Gap to the front. And then we parked on Todd Mall... ... for a Bitter. Remember the air is very dry here! A city view from ANZAC Hill. Could not convince my family to climb up there, instead ... ... we went down to the RFDS central station, ... ... where they show their area of service to us Europeans. Amazing. And here in Germany we are already complaining if the next doctor is more than 1 km away. However, this is the place I could convince my family to go, ... ... but I can´t post a real life shot: My daughters would not be in line with the policies here, and you would not want to see me in Speedoes, I fear.
  5. Whyever Qantas did this, they currently route their flight QF1941 in the opposite direction as the passengers need. You would start as usual in YBAS... Twas quite a cloudy day over the outback. No much to see until the first officer spotted these rocks. The captain also got a spectacular view. Touristically interesting, but this is not the place Qantas was asked us to bring!
  6. AUv2, OZx, the current Orbx Direct and all stuff mentioned in my spoiler.
  7. Alice Springs airport is always again an impressive scenery. From the airport... ... following the road into town, ... ... where you pass a racetrack and a car cinema (or whatever this is called in OZ English). The ranges look really great in AUv2. This is the southern part of the CBD, with the pool, the roaring Todd river (to the right, if you can´t see it initially), and the RFDS museum. CBD north, with the main hotels, shops and ANZAC hill. And this would be - basically - the view from ANZAC hill towards Heavitree gap. A real metropole, at least relatively to the surrounding.
  8. The other morning we went on from Kings Canyon airstrip... ... following Larapinta Drive... ... into the West MacDonnell ranges near Areyonga. A very slight detour to Gosse Bluff crater. It has never looked so good in the sim. On to Hermannsburg... ... and when Pine Gap tracking station appears to the right, it is time to contact your destination airport. While turning into final you can see a big settlement to the left. The old airport of this central place. I am sure y´all know where this is. Time to grab a cab and head into the city, vibrating as it is (at least relative to the surroundings in a 500 km circle).
  9. ALICE SPRINGS!!! - really hot now Thanks Urmel
  10. After my recent tour into Alice Springs by car... ... I also needed to get some orientation in the typical simmers way: from the air. So I took an appropriate shuttle, followed Roger Vale Drive until it merges with Stuart Highway ... ... passed the Kilgariff raceway towards Heavitree Gap, ... ... and reached the Tom Browne roundabout. Went north to the CBD around Hartley street... ... and found a suitable parking lot on ANZAC hill. Good overview from here. Got chopping and shopping again... ... before we spent a visit to the torrential Todd River, ... ... home of the famous Henley-on-Todd River Race each August: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henley-on-Todd_Regatta Enter your application here: http://henleyontodd.com.au/
  11. Qantas flight QF1948 was ready for boarding in Alice Springs. Which took some time, because the paxes were doing nothing but sweating. Finally the aircondition was started and the cargo was taking their seats. Soon we were acellerating, ... ... looked back to the airport ... ... and Alice Springs just north of the Ranges. 37 kft over the outback. Near Mt. Isa the landscape was getting greener (to my surprise). The Pacific ahead. Descending downwind over Lake Tinaroo, you can see Cairns to the right. As my ATC assigned descend a little late, I had to use the speed brakes extensively... City view. Turning into final towards the 15. Fully established to land... ... and here we were. Pulling the brakes. And soon the honoured guests left the plane.
  12. Should I take the bus... ... or something else? The weather is fine enough for an open car. And for the PBR effect. Pedal to the metal. No speed traps simulated! Peacefully parked at the Todd mall. Is there any petrol station around? Kudos to @Christian Bahr and his freeware work. Find some scenery and the trace of the Porsche here:
  13. Hello, everyone! I was a little absent, but I'm again here and I'm alive
  14. Mates, I can´t get to posting or even simming, there is so many funny discussions going on here today. Let my try to get one thing done: Continue the touristic exploration of the NT. Ready for boarding? Bye, bye, Alice. Pine gap tracking station & the Alice correction center. From here there is only... the outback. And a certain rock. In real life QantasLink does this flight with a 717. My AI does know this - I just had to use a subsitution. Deboarding the luggage, ... ... and the tourists. Choose your accomodation!
  15. During a 4-hour layover built into the QantasLink flightplan, our tourist group remembered Smokie´s wisdom and hired a chopper... Tower, will you give us permission to take off? IFR practice. Heavitree gap... ... and a nice drive thru. In this case rather a fly thru . This hospital along the way looks interesting... ... we can even land inside! No we leave the field of legally allowed tourism... ... getting presented with the potential consequences. Better we look at the outstanding landscape, ... ... before spending a visit to the old Alice airport.
  16. The OZ tourist leaves Kakadu NP from Cooinda airfield... ... crossing Adelaide River... ... and heading over Palmerston .... ... into Darwin. This airports reproduction and its airacs are totally confusing to GSX and PRO-ATC/X, can´t get it all working together. For the ongoing flight I followed the RL flight schedules again: Leaving at 07:05 with QantasLink. Unfortunately they use a 717 for this flight, and I don´t want to install it (again). So I took a slower regional bird... Tindal AB below. The landscape around Alice Springs. Quite red here. Checking the settings on downwind approach... ... and here we are (45 minutes late compared to the 717 schedule). The AI is totally correct here, as I said QF is using lots of 717s (still). And here is the road for a quick visit to the city, during a longish layover...
  17. Yesterday I reinstalled FSX along with the OZx and Ant's Airports. Also my A2A C172 and PA-28 which I can only use in FSX I did also start installing a few ORBX airports. So here are a few test flights I did as I was installing the numerous OZx airport packs. 6. YWYY Wynyard but the airport buildings are missing 7. YWRN Warren, so much going on here looks like a flight in a chopper is needed. 8. YWYY again but the buildings have appeared. Looks like I forgot to update the libraries the first time around. 9. YCWR Cowra, love the A2A Cherokee. 1. YTMU Tumut. 2. Hamilton Island in the default Goose. 5. YNRC Naracoorte and the default Cessna 172. 3. YNTN Normanton. 4. Another one from Normanton. 11. The beautiful Britannia taking off from Darwin at dawn. 10. Flying the default Jet Ranger from YBAS at Braitling. Highly enjoyable flying around Australia with the OZx and Ant's airports not forgetting the ORBX ones too! All depends what you like but I didn't find the default planes too bad. I have never flown the three before, only the airliners.
  18. took off from Alice again, and headed north/north east. I think there could be a market here - "postcards from the middle of nowhere". Talk about wide open spaces here's the middle of nowhere as the sun goes down! flying into the night the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night (you may need to zoom in here - it's not completely blank, honest!) heading to dawn in nowhere central Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm basically anti-social, but I think that might be a bit too much even for me. It would be very fine to have a hut with a verandah there though, if you could just beam in for a few moments solitude and silence and then beam back home again. I can imagine it being rather wonderful, in lots of ways.
  19. Don't ask where it came from, or how it got here. I just morphed from the Wallaby into this to see how it looked over Alice And here we are, back on the ground That was fun!
  20. Ant's Wallaby on its home ground Kinda fun!
  21. I took "the other CAC", the Boomerang, westward from Alice Springs along the MacDonnell ranges to Gosses Bluff bright and early one morning... Crossing the Heavitree Gap Keeping the sun behind me while travelling between the ranges The Finke River is the marker to head slightly WSW And there we have todays waypoint: Gosses Bluff crater https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gosses_Bluff_crater Back again, passing the Finke River Touching down on RW 17 More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  22. Sun through Cloud layer at 9000ft above Alice Springs More Cloud and Sun Such a Beautiful Scenery Product from Orbx Going to change planes at Conellan, passenger wants to see Uluru from the air "As far as the Eye can See" Short Final YAYE Conellan Uluru from A2A P51H High Performance Mustang More of Uluru Such a beautiful piece of Aboriginal History
  23. Just a quick (quite obviously edited) pic of one from the Alice Springs flight you saw in the Stacks of Dacks set Cheers Mallard
  24. Been having fun with the Dakota at Cairns, on a flight from Port Moresby to Kokoda, while checking out Alice Springs and zipping about over Canberra... All more or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
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