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  1. Hi there, Recently got the new Orbx EGNT for Xplane11 and I'm finding that my frames seem to drop from about 60-70 to 30 when coming into the gate. There also seems to be a large bump at either end of the runway (worst on 07) making it quite difficult to landing without getting airborne again!! Is there any possible way to fix this? Thanks
  2. All I can say is this is simply fabulous .... Just a few first shots. My only niggle .... my word, how I miss the drone camera with my xbox controller. I had to pick it up and put it in a drawer, because I kept reaching for it, and wondering why my toggle controls don't work. Monsieur Pavlov was right after all Hope you enjoy Cheers Pete
  3. Cheers R Like many airports , early mornings are often a magical time. But perhaps not so much for those who work there Its a nice location for the private pilots as well But then during the day, it settles into its own rythm .... Departing for The Canaries aren't that far away ..... But back at LIEO , life just goes on One thing I really enjoyed is the attention to detail is really well done. This is a very nice addon for XPlane Cheers R
  4. I´ve just noticed this little maybe "missing mesh"
  5. I have 400mbps download speed with a 20 to 40 mbps upload speed. I am just wondering why is Orbx so slow when downloading it has been taking me days to just install one scenery pack and I still haven't been able to get it downloaded. It's making me confused and upset that I have something I can not use because it won't download fast enough from the servers that are only limited to -3.25 mbps out of Australia.
  6. Hello there, I have an RTX2080, I9-9900k @ 4.7ghz, 32gb ram but i'm still having huge performance problems at EGPH. My rendering settings are: High, High, 4xSSAA FXAA (1080p monitor), 16x anistropic filtering, high objects and minimal reflections. When the aircraft is facing the car park of the airport (especially when parked at the gates), my fps drop from 60 to 25 and the GPU usage spikes to 100% load. The sim starts lagging and really ruins the experience. At night is even worse, i think that it has to do with some polygons of cars/strreet lamps. Is there a fix for this? The problem is worse vith Vulkan on because of the higher GPU workload.
  7. Hello to everyone. I just bought USMV for XP11 and to be honest i´m a bit lost regarding in witch order i have to put the different folders in the custon scenery Orbx_3D_Airport_UT25 Orbx_3D_Monument_Valley Orbx_3D_MV_36-110 Orbx_3D_MV_37-110 Orbx_Monument_Valley_lib Orbx_MV_Mesh I suppose the first one have to be on top of the GLOBAL AIRPORT and the last one MV_Mesh have to be at the end of the list but for the others, i will need your advise . In advance thanks for your help.
  8. Incredible, looking at the 15 & 138 interchange. Redlands and Riverside farthest away
  9. Hello, my sim friends. To begin, I have a relatively new Macbook Pro with Catalina OS. With that said, I was VERY excited to purchase and download the Orbx SoCal HD. However, when running X-Plane 11 after selecting the SoCal airport of my choice to begin, it crashes midway through the loading process. Next thing that appears is my computer desktop and asking if I want to relaunch X-Plane. This has been extremely frustrating as I've tried everything, including moving all of my custom scenery files to a backup folder and starting from scratch. Still, the same thing. I could really use some help. Thanks, everyone. -Paul
  10. Hi there, I hope you all are doing well, I'm wondering if any of you have weird ''blue dots, flashing blue lights on the True earth South, Central and North GB?'' I have fighting to find anything about this on the internet for so long, and never found nothing, and today after the release of the updates I thought it might fix it, but no I didn't and it gets even worse when I'm using VR. Any one having the same problem and found a cure for this? Thanks a lot for your support and suggestions. ROBSON MENDES You are about to post into the X Plane 11 BUG REPORT forum. This forum is for reporting BUGS in a working Orbx X Plane 11 product. A BUG is defined as a product that is working as it should but there is a problem with the working product. Please review your request before posting into this forum. A request for support with a product that does not work should be placed into the X Plane 11 Support forum.
  11. I have purchased True Earth GB South , but cannot download it either automatically , or manually as Orbx Central isn't recognising my FlightSim drive.The box says ,'couldn't detect any simulators on this computer.'I then click 'Fix Issues'....'this will update your computer to assign directory'. So I manually select my flightsim drive . click 'save'...……….and nothing happens. Just goes back to 're-scan your computer' ! I have tried to download from Orbx direct, but when I click auto install, I just get a spinning circle. Hope you can help.
  12. I kept my library outside the X-plane directory to give me flexibility with different x-plane installations. I deleted all my Orbx shortcuts in the Xplane Custome Scenery folder. How do I go about recreating them without having to do it manually for each folder in the library. I can't find an option in Orbx Central to do that. Moussa
  13. Hi all, I just purchased the LOWI airport scenery from Orbx and had a clean install from the Orbx Central application. However, when I spawn into the airport, I do not see any airport buildings, just taxi ways and other airport roads. The buildings apart from the airport load up just fine. I have tried uninstalling the scenery and syncing the config file from settings. But, nothing seems to work. Would love some help on this.
  14. I have a error message that states that my scenarty may have errors due to a problem in my library Orbx (something like that) I dont know how to fix the scenary.ini file...could you help me ? Operating system: windows 10 Simulator: xplane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Grass in the concrete and error message of wrong scenary ICMlog.txt Log.txt central.log scenery_packs.ini scenery_packs.ini.backup-Orbx
  15. Bought GB south yesterday. installed it and got the error message I've verified the files multiple times with no success:( I checked the texture folder and it seems like all the folders and .JPG files which, if im correct, aren't meant to be? Someone please help!!!
  16. Hi, I just saw these two peaks flying southwest from KSQL in the SF Bay Area. I did my best to get accurate coordinates in the last photo so these anomalies could be ironed out. (so to speak) They were not there before I installed Orbx Nor Cal yesterday. Thanks and kind regards.
  17. Welcome to the Conch Republic! Combining our experience of X-Plane development with our love for tropical and sun-drenched destinations, Key West is the perfect blend of visual delight and silky-smooth performance. The carefully crafted airport comes complete with PBR materials on all surfaces in the airport and finely detailed static aircraft in the airport for the ultimate Key West experience. And for a limited time you can purchase your copy of Key West for 25% off! This offer ends 10 February 2020 11:00am UTC. Normally $32.95 AUD Approx. US$22.22 | €20,21 | £17.09 You will require Orbx Central to download and install KEYW Key West. Please note that a manual download is no longer available.
  18. Soak up the sun! We are pleased to announce the release of TrueEarth Florida for X-Plane 11! The sun beats down on the state of Florida all year giving it its common name of the Sunshine State. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, Florida has mile upon mile of white sandy beaches, several thriving metropolises and a diverse range of culture and ethnicity. With the power of the Orbx TrueEarth technology, this is Florida like you’ve never seen it before! Exactly as we have done with previous TrueEarth regions for X-Plane, Florida will be available in two versions - high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD). The only difference between these two products is the ground texture resolution. If disk space is a concern, check out the SD version of which provides the same regional coverage, but using less disk space. The slightly reduced texture resolution still provides incredible detail and enables smoother performance for those with older graphics cards. If you prefer the full fidelity, we recommend the HD version for best resolution. ZL17 - 133GB disk space $69.95 AUD Approx. US$47.20 | €42,91 | £36.31 ZL16 - 42GB disk space $58.95 AUD Approx. US$39.78 | €36,16 | £30.60 Customers who purchase the HD version get the SD version for free. Customers who purchase the SD version can upgrade to the HD version for $11AUD. You will require Orbx Central to download and install TrueEarth Florida. Please note that a manual download is no longer available.
  19. Operating system: windows 10 Simulator: xplane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Purchased yesterday on Amex, Amex says approved, product not available to download
  20. I am having issues with getting Orbx airports to display properly in XPlane 11. I have TrueEarth Washington installed and several ORBX airports in Washington. I have uninstalled and reinstalled TrueEarth Washington and all the airports. I have also looked into how to orderer scenery_packs.ini. I am fairly certain that the products are installed properly in my Main Library. I have attached my scenery_packs.ini and 2 photograph taken at 74S. Many structures shown in the photos on the product page just aren't there and others are incomplete for example the floats in the second photo are missing the plane. There first photo shows a hanger (upper right corner) that has the front but is missing the roof and sides. I have worked on this for hours last night and all morning. I need some help. I Thanks KP scenery_packs.ini
  21. Ciao Pilots! I'm brandnew in this fantastic community and I'm so proud to join! I was very fascinated by the Orbx job looking at photos and videos. That's why I decided to buy it and to install the scenary of South Britain. I have a biiiiig doubt: after have downloaded and installed the add-on, I didn't notice any difference with the old scenary provided by Laminar. I checked into the Xplane folder and it seems that all is ok. Could you be so kind to support me? Many thanks in advance :) Fede
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