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Found 22 results

  1. From Compton Abbas - me and the dog getting some exercise.
  2. After my visit for real to some islands of the Canarias, I prefer La Palma for it's variety in nature and the lush green areas. Also a joy to fly virtual now and recognise the landscape in hifi. I made the tour in a Beech Baron and airborned of coarse from it's airport GCLA, enjoy the views:
  3. Super Etandard - carrier fighter/bomber by Dassault Breguet. A flight out of Tampa FL.
  4. A fast and high altitude pass in F-15E over the northern most Island La Palma of the Canarian Islands:
  5. Serious IFR - followinlg road and river (Interstate82 and the Yakima River) - again in the Bulldog, this time wearing Scottish colors. Climbing away from the Yakima airport. Road and river - no FMC. The river was featured in one of my fav Gary Cooper movies - 'The Hanging Tree'. Ellensburg - close to the geographical center of Washington state. Beautiful downtown Wenatchee - home of the perfect apple, so they say. Into the flair - waiting for the sweet sound of rubber brushing the surface. According to the altimeter, I'm already six hundred feet below ground - gotta pay more attention to the detailes .
  6. The 'Iron works' built them tough - not necessarily pretty but very tough. Long run - glassy water, certainly not technique . More 'Luminar' skies. Beautiful Key West And we're back
  7. EE/BAC Lightning flying in some snotty weather over the Lake District.
  8. Now in discount, I'm glad to have purchased this very well modelled and detailled pretty large airport nearby the NorthEast Coast of TE-UK-Central:
  9. In a Carbon Cub viewing an evening north of Redding. Off Redding's short runway northwestbound. Perfect evening - air smooth as glass. "I hate to see that evenin' sun go down" Mt Shasta guards the north.
  10. Damyn's Hall and the nearby Queen Elizabeth bridge. What's this you make ask. Freshly updated so had to look. What happens to a Supercub when it's "modified". They call it a 'Double ender' - don't even think it. In honor of Mr Sawyer's multi bridge achievements. We have a solution - no higher and just a tad lower. Computers are magic. As the Brits say "a piece of cake".
  11. Direction South from Seattle area passing Portland and further into Oregon via several iconic peaks of The Cascade mountainrange and a well known Lake at the end. Mt Rainier: Mt Adams and St Helens in the background: Mt Hood: Mt Jefferson: Three Sisters: Diamond Peak: Mt Thielsen: Crater Lake:
  12. The iconic Spitfire always a sublime aircraft to catch dynamic screenshots:
  13. The Khamsin Texan T-6 in the colors of the UK-Acrobatic Team at Goodwood airfield:
  14. The Howard DGA 15 (d@mn good airplane), with a P&W R985, was fast (175kt) for a fixed gear plane. Nice cockpit/panel @.org. Offshore at Oceano CA
  15. After a long lay-off, I dusted off/updated my X-Plane to 11.51. I still think XP11 can give MSFS a good run for its money! Here's a sample trio over Gloucestershire - TEGB South: Adam.
  16. A normal red-eye is a 1:00 AST Anchorage departure for a day of business in Seattle. Normal arrival is about 5:30 in the morning PST - just right for a change of shorts, some coffee then off to do the deal of your life. This is the reverse - Wien 727 returning with a load of deal makers. Here we go on 34R. So far so good. Nothing left hanging - at the time of this flight KSEA had only two runways. No games tonight but the fields look good.
  17. Three, in central Oregon - departing from the 'Sisters Eagle' airport in the 'double trouble' mod of the default Baron. Looks like runway heading should do it. "Charity" on the left then "Hope" center and "Faith" on the right Sometimes 'scattered cumulus' can become a real pain.
  18. Not the usual design but certainly a vantage point. Happy New Year.
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