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  1. Back when Eastern was still flying they may have had a schedule to Nantucket - then again, maybe not.
  2. I made a jokey comment to Pete @renault about his comment re helicopters in a recent post and it reminded me of this little experiment. I was playing with this thing for days. Managed to get reasonably comfortable getting off the ground and moving cautiously around, so thought I'd get a bit adventurous. Started out in downtown LA. Or, to be more precise, somewhere above downtown LA . . . Now, you'd think that managing to do all that so far (I was in the air under pretty much full control for about six minutes at this point), and having managed to get down to rooftop level (and at a fairly modest speed, 20 or so), that I'd be able to land ok. But alas, I haven't mastered that aspect yet! But like the T-shirt says "Gaming has destroyed my life. Lucky I've got three left". I believe the real thing this is based on is only expected to be taken up to maybe 30 feet, and has only done flights of a few hundred yards, so at least I've improved on that!
  3. Didn't want to upset my XP system and have it getting jealous with all this MSFS activity, so here's a few of the freebie 747 super fire tanker out of KSEA. Obviously a busy time of day from the look of the skies. My P3D propbably won't get much use now, but XP with TE is still very much a contender
  4. Taking advantage of the sale, I have just downloaded Wycombe Air Park. Very nice, detailed, scenery.
  5. I haven't used any of my sims in a long while. I launched Central and found there were plenty of updates. I have two XP11s installed one is my principle setup the other is a backup. The Central finds one copy of my TE Washington installed but its my backup version of the sim which is not completely out of date and likely will be deleted. The Central does NOT find my TE WA like OR, CA - north and south - as they are installed directly into the custom scenery folder, I suspect due to the shortcut approach. I use a separate drive to store terabytes of ortho scenery including TE Washington for my primary XP11.4+ sim and put shortcuts into Scenery.ini to link it into the system. Is there a way to get Central up recognize the shortcuted TE Washington so that I can get the update. I also note that I tried to do a manual download and it clearly states that the manual version is not a fully updated version. Bryan
  6. A few from this afternoon's jaunt around North Wales in the 'Kiwi' Vulcan. The story behind one of the best 'zaps' around: https://www.reddit.com/r/MilitaryPorn/comments/bt5ij0/raf_vulcan_painted_with_new_zealand_graffiti_1972/ Thanks for viewing.
  7. New aircraft, first flight. Out of Bembridge and back. Thanks for looking.
  8. Just downloaded the Nimbus Islander. Very nice model. Took a trip from Sumburgh to Scatsa this afternoon.
  9. It's been a while since I last posted - but here are five more from Oregon SD (my screencomp prize, thank you Orbx and voters!!) ... All taken in XP11 (not Vulkan) with axVision and a touch or Reshade. The C-130 is freeware. Adam.
  10. Recently downloaded the JF Vulcan. Had a play this afternoon.
  11. Just a short and very pleasant trip in TE Washington
  12. Hello I have flown in TEGB South numerous times and have recently noticed this elevated road. I haven't come across it before and not sure if this was done in the latest SP update. This road should be flat and not elevated as in picture below. I am on Xp11.41. Many thanks
  13. Trinity Lake. Destination in sight. A different Carbon Cub - just as good, half the price. Pull the red knob for some more turns. Almost. Looking south from the summit.
  14. Several miles east of Redding CA is this small cluster of what appear to be dormant volcanic peaks - right in line with Mt Shasta and the others further north. The little town of Chester on Lake Almanor This peak is tallest at 10165' Filled in with trees, it still has that volcanic outline.
  15. ...thought to just sip some tea, sit back as a sky tourist, set the altitude to 12,500, between KSAN and KORS...and fly over my gorgeous West Coast TE scenery. Just spectacular! Oh...the Earl Grey Tea goes good with Orbx T.E. , just wanted to say..
  16. Thanks again for the sale Orbx Team , I appreciate it !! . Cheers John
  17. Just downloaded the airport and for the first time I got an error while installing. This has never happened before with OC. It suggested that that I verify files. I did! After I load the airport FPS is not as good as it should be and there are some floating lights. Scenery is at the top in .ini file. scenery_packs.ini
  18. Don't see this everyday in XP so I had to share: Jose
  19. XPlane 11 is now an awesome sim thanks to Orbx TE! Next up Ranger Creek. Jose
  20. TE-Florida HD xVision lots of fun exploring at 3,500 ASL -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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