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Found 9 results

  1. All Orbx stuff ASXP Bell 407 Around Paine Field
  2. X-Plane Orbx's TrueEarth UK, EGLC & EGKA ASXP weather
  3. X-Plane 11 Orbx's TrueEarth Washington with the Expansion DreamFoil Bell 407
  4. I'm going to post some screenshots below. The first one is is from Orbx, I'm not seeing the planes at any KSEA/Boeing airfield. Then my settings in both Central and XP. Please advise. Thanks. Orbx Can anyone tell me the name of this airport? Is it Renton?
  5. XP 11 Orbx TE DreamFoil Bell 407 Shout out to @Rodger Pettichord for telling me about 2S1, Sun River from where I left to go have a look at the Three Sisters.
  6. Orbx's new XP TrueEarth Expansion Pack DreamFoil Bell 407 First thing I want to say is I saw someone having difficulty here getting this installed, I'm sure they will eventually because if I can anyone can. The other thing is, I flew around KSEA and Seattle proper, I will post them later, but the FPS were excellent, as smooth as ever, and the detail, was this worth it, heck yeah! I could only imagine (if we had the storage space) how amazing the entire planet would be if Orbx could to it like this. Well done guys, I love it and many thanks on the easy pricing!
  7. XP Orbx's TrueEarth GB Weather - ASXP Water mod, trees mod. I'm not sure about these as I mislabeled several folders, not getting enough sleep will do that to ya. So this is at least a trip to Brighton as I wanted to see the pier used in the film Quadrophenia.
  8. XP Orbx's TrueEarth & EGLC Weather by ASXP xVision Nordic preset Renault's "radioactive trees" mod & his water mod. DreamFoil Bell 407 A quick chopper flight from EGLC to EGKB, Biggin Hill. Also, great news. I was running XP from a USB 3.0 eternal WD 8 TB HDD. I timed it, it would take OVER 15 minutes to get to a flight. So today I bought a new 2 TB SSD and installed it, copied over all X-Plane and all my Orbx stuff. Ran Central to sync it and when I went to fly I timed it. An astounding, mind blowing 1:47 to get to a flight. I couldn't believe it.
  9. X-Plane Orbx's TE GB ASXP weather. Renault's water Lua mod & his "radioactive trees" mod Started exploring the U.K. in earnest finally. This was a lovely flight from Southampton to Shoreham. The first few are with clear skies which shows the ground detail really well. I called for a pushback and it actually worked! I was delighted. Just like my old FSX days with GSX this tug was pushing me back. I sued to do this on the ramp all the time with 727's and 737's
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