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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Is anyone else experiencing crashes with World Update 3 and the WSSS airport scenery? Anytime I spawn into or fly into the Singapore region, I am experiencing a CTD. I have both the SG landmarks pack and WSSS scenery installed. I removed the landmarks scenery and the CTD still happened, then I reinstalled it and removed the WSSS scenery and the CTD stopped. When I reinstalled the WSSS scenery, the CTD started happening again. Thanks, S
  2. Hello all, I purchased Changi (WSSS) and am experiencing CTD every time I attempt to start a flight from there. I've read the threads about the CGL files but Changi doesn't have one, unless I'm not finding it. Anyone else experiencing this, or have any idea of a workaround? Cheers.
  3. After leaving Queensland... ... that day also included some more departures for us. At least such a trip is so tiring, you don´t have enough time to become melancholic. And: Duty free provided some Australian memories into our hand luggage: If you have to travel for many hours, do it in style - and with the right plane for @Captain Lars: Unfortunately we did not see much of the scenery, neither in real nor in the sim. Leaving New South Wales... ... for an intermediate stop in the Capital Territory: Restarting after one boring hour in transit... ... to finally leave Australia. Some hours and one continent later we were provided with the best airline breakfast I ever got . Right in time for some shaking on approach to Singers. At least the runway was clear. Now - try to wake up and get ready for the next flight....
  4. I was not brave enough to fly through it... Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
  5. The spring tourists leave Down Under on a longish flight, so this needs to become a longish post. Australia time was over when they reached Gold Coast to take a regular liner up to Singapore. My Navigation & ATC programs told me the runway was too short for a 777, so I maxed it out... ... and did a carrier-like start with TO thrust already set while the brakes were still trying their best. As you can see this worked out by far. ATC made me climb in a 360° turn, so we can have another view of the Gold Coast scenery. In RL this flight is no longer executed by Singapore themselves, they have moved it to their cheaper daughter Scoot (do not think bad due to my wording). PMDG did not follow this move and offered only the real livery. A little view on Brisbane... ... before my first officer takes a rest. After 1 hour we pass Longreach, one of the possible alternates in case of trouble. Queensland is not always green... ... as could be seen around Mt. Isa. 101 minutes from start, and just in the middle between some of my Orbx favourites. Passing Tindal, NT. The last views of OZ, Daly River (possibly no sharks around here)... ... and Cape Ford. Here we pass Flores Island / Indonesia... ... and the western end of ... stop. Guess the latitude of this location! OK, that was obvious. Approaching Singapore over the Gulf of Tambalan... ... Johor, ... ... and into final towards the 20R. Autopilot off... ... and here we are, ready to spend some fun days in the city. Pictures (still) taken in FSX.
  6. Once again, I had to re-fly SQ227 services from Singapore to Melbourne. And, to say it upfront, this time I managed to set the time correctly: If you use the sim´s (correct appearing) local time, you´ll be 2 hrs too early, one has to set the departure time according to UTC. Ready for boarding. As you can see the first screenie is way too dark... Taxi into position... ... and go. Not much light from the moon either. Equator crossing, as you can read from the CDU. Flight planning was easy this time. ETOPS 60 minutes is sufficient while crossing the Timor sea. Approaching the 16, with warm morning greetings to all those who live underneath the STAR. Once again, not much to see in the outside view... ... but then comes the overwhelming light of the terminal: Can you spot the AI traffic plane just behind the squared Pier D building? That is SQ227 (which I was indeed chasing during the whole flight, and it took off in WSSS just a few minutes ahead of me). So it seems I arrived on time, according to the real flight plan. And in fact, the flight arrived in darkness on that particular day. What a nice welcome! Sorry for not showing too much Orbx scenery here - that is the trouble with a RL mimic of a night flight...
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