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  1. Through the Bozeman Pass on the way to KBZN. Not looking promising At the pass, much clearer than expected On the downhill After a bunch of hours this year on airliners of some sort or another, it's a pleasant change to get back to GA. Mike
  2. Nice when I left... Got a little sinister... Ended up in less than minimums from time to time... And a bonus, because the South American mountain lighting at dusk was pretty cool Mike
  3. TNCM to KOFP in a DC-6A. A mere 5 hours... but flying a four engined airliner at 6k' instead of 36k' does kinda make up for it: The Bahamas: So... the forecast wasn't good And so it proved Mike
  4. Some more from my Italian tour: Inbound Naples: Depart Naples shortly after: Cool lighting enroute to Palermo: Now... one really should check topo maps. There is a rather large hill that look like it had the side blasted off to make room for the airport.
  5. Never been to Sardinia in the sim (I don't think). Flew in from Rome. This is Alghero to Cagliari. Straight 'v's. Next leg is back to Rome. Fair to say I'm a bit of a fan of openLC. It opens up a whole lot of the world. Mike
  6. So this one's really annoyed me for a few weeks now so thought i'd turn to the forums, specifically orbx because I think that may be where the issue is. So I have both Orbx Global + Open LC Europe and various Sceneries that work normallly on a day to day basis however recently I've had instances where i've loaded into the sim and all of a sudden i'll have 0 autogen, nothing. Now the only way i've solved this previously is by doing a full sim re-install, because I haven't managed to find the culpret for causing this. So during this re-install I took it step by step and loaded the sim after each install, so libaries and then global and then Open LC Europe. (I've attached a screenshot after installing global) After installing Open LC Europe and loading into the Sim I come across again o autogen. Now I know P3Dv4 has autogen issues so I do lock my frames and I can't see it being a performance issue because as you'll see below in my attached screenshots I don't usually struggle with autogen loading. So I've removed OpenLC Euope and the issue is still there, uninstalled Global and the issue is still there. Even default autogen isn't there anymore. Now interestingly I have had an error message when installing Libaries twice now that i've attached (personally doesn't make sense to me). I'm not 100% sure that this is an Orbx issue but the Prepard forums have pointed me to look here so here I am. Any help would be appreciated as my sim has been out of action a week now
  7. "Nice day to fly today" i thought and made a trip for United, FL UA737 from Denver to San Francisco. I cannot tell exactly over wich regions from orbx this route leads (im not from the US) but i have all the regions like Pacific Norhtwest, Norcal etc so probably it was one them included. Yes, it was a nice day to fly :-)
  8. Gorgeous spring day in the east.
  9. Departing ANC to Hong Kong at dusk. Off 33, cleaned up and turning west. Sunrise over the Bering Sea or thereabouts This is about as high as the sun got. As I arced south, down through China, it slipped below the horizon again and I arrived in darkness. The height of my daylight over far eastern Russia So a second first in two days... my first sunrise in the west. I'm sure the regular long haul tube drivers see it a lot.
  10. I left Taipei at 2am, hauling freight to Anchorage on CI 5398 in the trusty 747 freighter. First time I think I've even seen a sunrise and sunset in the same flight. These are a few from the latter stages, since the rest was dark and/or over water: This is me getting (very) side tracked on my way from Tokyo to Singapore... At this rate I'll find myself at SFO next before heading across the Pacific again!
  11. Taking Jankee's TEAL livery for a low level sortie from Whenuapai, Auckland's airport at the time. The Mangere airport wasn't opened until 1965, in the DC-8 era. Gear up: The bridge and downtown: Probably Tapu, being this low over Rangitoto... Kaipara Harbour Downwind As the punters might see one:
  12. From KACK to the new offering: This was attempt #1 into Elizabeth, 0B8 on Fishers Island. It got messy later. Go around required. Next one was still ugly, but I got it down and decided to stay. I was planning to go to Block Island, but the cross wind would have been much worse.
  13. These jumbo, magenta line following behemoths might be practical, but they lack a certain class of things with lots of cylinders. Crap weather leaving Amsterdam: Gets better: A meeting in the flight levels Passengers snacking on lunch as we crossed the Alps. Just before go-down time over Italy. Rome bound again.
  14. Speedbird 288, Phoenix Sky Harbor to Heathrow, my first long haul in the 74, from a few weeks back. Crossed the US and much of the pond in darkness. Not far from TOD. OOM country in FSX, but not here (ed. note: I've set up a sim starter profile that doesn't have the small airfield active when I'm flying this thing - not for VAS, just because I don't need to waste the CPU cycles on them) United 1639, Denver to LA, prior to my trip across the Pacific. Yes it was as cold as it looks. Not decided yet whether I prefer this livery or Battleship Grey. Not fussed on the current one...
  15. (famous 1980's movie misquote, for those going 'huh?' ) I didn't wind up on SQ11. This is CX5 bound to Taipei, over southern Japan. Hong Kong or Manila next. Getting around a lot of the greater Orbx world in this thing. Bring on OLC AFR...
  16. Had some fun around LOWI with Toni´s T-6, I think the colors worked quite fine together. Just some flying around, so no story to tell with these. Had some input issues during that flight that prohibited more interesting manouvers. Fixed them now by selecting Direct input in P3D. Hope you enjoy the shots! Cheers, Lennart
  17. installed orbx lighyt config and applied the settingss and everytime i run p3d now it crashes
  18. All of a sudden ... the taxiways are not visible at PAKT. Nothing new added. Took out Prepar3d.cfg, restarted, same problem. Vector not a problem, there isn't a PAKT adjustment in vector. The yellow lines are there but the taxiways are gone. Anybody see this one. Also, can you run a "repair" on 4.1 like we could on the older versions ... where you start to run it and it says "uninstall or repair". I don't see that option in V4. Thank you
  19. Well, as I said in my last post, it was time to switch to P3D V4 from my old FSX install. This is my first test flight with the A2A Harvard, REX Texture direct and Orbx GES scenery. It ran totally smooth after some optimising, looks awesome (still need to fiddle with lighting and contrast) and had no OOM. Preparing the old crate at EDKA, plan is to head into the Eifel region, find the Nürburgring and than head on to Koblenz to land at Koblenz Winningen airport. Leaving Merzbrück. Good old town of Aachen again. Begins to look like the Eifel region. Weather is fine, engine runs, heading about 110° towards Mendig Air Base, Nürburgring should be on the way there. And it is, here we see the Caracciola Karussel, a crazy corner where the ideal line on the inner part has some sinus like banking. I´ve walked there from another famous place, Brünnchen, a couple of times. Nice walk during a VLN endurance race. After a lap around the 'ring, I headed out, Mendig is in sight ahead. Close to Koblenz, looking back over the Eifel. The place called "Deutsches Eck", where the Mosel river meets the Rhine. Following the Mosel for a bit, this half island comes up, where a friend has a camping spot and a small boat, had lots of fun when staying there. And to prove that my sanity has limits, here is some fun over EDRK. Finally it was time to approach Winningen airfield. And back on earth. Oil bucket attached, now it´s time to lubricate the pilot. The white wines from the Mosel area are quite tasty I really liked P3D so far, looks like my machine is capable of handling it fair enough. Will continue the journey in this machine, as it´s one of the few planes I have with some system depth that are V4 ready. Next trips should lead southward to finally check out how my rig handles Munich, and if that is fine, it might be time to add Innsbruck to my collection.
  20. Third flight in the B744. Still learning how to drive it... Coming up on Milwaukee: Headed for the top of the MSP ILS.
  21. Madrid behind Last light from the FE's seat
  22. I am getting random lights floating around TNCC by TropicalSim. I have been through their support and they tell me it is not the scenery at fault and it that the lights look like ORBX lights As you can see from the screenshots there are random floating lights orbs when the scenery is enabled. But they are not in the airport with default scenery. Any help fixing this, please?
  23. NZ14 on the first leg of the trip to LAX in the new toy. At the gate in Christchurch Aotearoa living up to its name. Aoraki poking above the tops Cumulogranite below I'm hoping the thing will grow on me. I've always thought the -200 was prettier. The long hump on this looks wrong. Still, there is always the freighter.
  24. Brussels to Rome to Amsterdam to Geneva to Madrid. (need a better version of LSZH...) More Alps Once more over Italy Change of ride, heading north again Murk over western Europe Around Geneva
  25. I've missed this place! Flown in to it a couple of times in v4, forgetting it was the default version, and been horribly disappointed. But now it's back! Whoo-hoo! I've missed all these favs. I've still got everything on the machine in V3, but it's not the same. It all feels so much sharper in V4. I can sense some time well-wasted coming up in the weeks ahead! Thank you ORBX.
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