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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I recently purchased ESMS Malmo and ESGG Lemverder -Gothenburg I am intending to upgrade my system installing an additional SSD and increase RAM, will the new SSD "see"" the operating system simulator IE P3DV4.5 and will I be able to add scenery from Orbx to my system utilising the new drive. My second question is when downloading new scenery I note you get a choice of where to locate the the new scenery ie with thin P3D or another external scenery library it always says if unsire put it in the P3D location scenery library what are the pros and cons of scenery location library's when installing new scenery packages. I ask this as my C Drive SSD (1TB) is up to 50% capacity and I am hoping if I chose i can still obtain any additional scenery I may want and use with P3D v4.5
  2. HI! About TrueEarth Northern California HD, I hesitate to buy this product in SD, because it seems that I will not be able to benefit from a price of update as it is possible with Oregon. If you notice my account (picture attached,no big special price for upgrade in Washington HD), you will see that I enjoy a great price for Oregon HD if I come to eventually change my SSD for a bigger one. But unfortunately I do not benefit from this special price with TrueEarth Washington HD, because I bought this one in SD for lack of space. So I'm afraid this is the same for California HD. Note that at the time of my purchase from Washington SD, it was stipulated that I would have a great price if eventually I go later in HD. So here I only want to check why I had this benefit only with Oregon. Having known in advance, I would not have bought Washington SD, and I would have waited for the purchase for Washington HD after the purchase of a larger SSD. Thank you for enlightening me on this subject.
  3. Hi, I am wanting to update the jetways at all of the airports listed to SODE using the brilliant new feature in GSX Level 2 expansion. I was hoping someone at Orbx could let me know if the sceneries for each airport have the gates included in separate bgl's, or are the gates included in the same bgl as the building/structure they're attached to? Also, if the gates are in separate bgl's, which ones are they specifically? This will determine if I can upgrade to SODE jetways. I apologise upfront if there's a bit of mucking around to find out, however the end result I'm after will justify the means as new SODE jetways in each of those airports will improve the immersion by at least a factor of 10. Thanks & Regards, Steve
  4. I have openLC North America Alaska/Canada, the description to OpenLC North America says it supersedes the Alaska/Canada version and the older version is no longer availabe. What are the differences? Is there a way to upgrade? What's the best option here? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, Wondering if in the near future a new upgraded release of Brisbane airport is on the cards. As it was one of your earlier releases it has I think, requirements for some improvement especially in the taxiways and runway. I compare to YMML and YBCS and can't help but be very disappointed when using YBBN. I have Prepar 3D ver 4 and have tried many settings but cannot even come close to what I deem as acceptable let alone the standard that ORBX have now reached. You might be waiting for the second runway before this can be done, so if you can consider it I am sure many will appreciate my thoughts.
  6. Hi, I have a DVD version of FTX England (plus several other FTX DVDs: Australia, NZ North Island, NZ South Island, Pacific NW, Pacific Fjords & Northern Rockies) and have been attempting to action an upgrade off the files provided on this site. The other DVD regions have upgraded fine, but England is just not happening. I have tries this several times, but still no upgrade being reported in FTX Central 3 for England. Is there a trick to doing England upgrade that I may have missed? I also note the following statement is made on the update page "These downloads are mainly for users that have DVD originals and have not cross graded their product (i.e. a digital version)." I would love to cross grading the product and avoid this upgrade issue. How can I do this.? Kind regards Andrew
  7. Hello- It's been a couple years since I've played with my Sim (we had 2 kids). I now have a little time, but it looks like things have changed a little with ORBX. I currently have FTX Central v 1.0 1044 with the following installations: 'FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150331 31st MARCH 2015 AND FTX NA NCA Northern California V1.10 Patch 001 June 2014'. -- It looks like these are out of the date... - what is the current upgrade path/products? I'm looking for great Northern California scenery. - Which products and how do I purchase and then install these? Do I have to delete the old products? Any help would be great. Current Hardware: - i5 4690 @ 4.0Ghz with 12GB Memory and Geoforce GTX660 - Also running Rex 4 (is this still worth running?) - Only flying straight forward GA aircraft Any thoughts on upgrade path and process? Thanks for the help!
  8. What is the policies when I have a lot of ORBX products installed under FSX and want to migrate to P3D. In other word not use FSX anymore. Can I use the products i have purchased. (FXT global, vector, EU LC, Norway .....). Rune Andersen
  9. Hi, I have Vector 1.10 installed on FSX and would like to upgrade to the latest version. On the support page the first upgrade offered is 1.35. It seems though I should first upgrade to 1.15 and then 1.20. Does anybody know a link for their download or should I go ahead and install 1.35 on top of 1.10? Thanks!
  10. Hello friends Windows 7 has been extremely stable and trouble-free to me but now I cant ignore the alerts to get Win10 Pro for free. Any change (specially when it comes to our beloved FSX and its excellent 3rd party addons) is filled with nervousness. But Im now ready to get Windows 10 and just wanted to hear your thoughts on this. I recently discovered that its possible to download an .ISO of Win10 burn it to DVD (or create a mountable USB) and install a factory-fresh Win10 (it will erase the drive). This is the alternative to just upgrading. When it comes to the FSX installation and all its numerous addons: would a brand new Win10 install be preferable to an upgrade? I know there will be a lot of work reinstalling stuff but I accept that in return for a "clean" OS install along with a fresh FSX install. How many of you have done this and equally how many of you opted for the upgrade? How are your respective FSX sims running? Thanks for your feedback and...happy new year
  11. Hello friends I've been away from FSX for a long long time. During that time a lot has changed, many updates to my fav Orbx stuff. I've just downloaded 35GB of updates from Orbx (updates for my payware stuff and all the freebies) and I just had a query: I have AU Green,Blue,Gold,Red (AU-GBGR) On the Orbx site I spotted "Australia": https://www.fullterrain.com/product/australia What is this product exactly? Is it a direct replacement for AU-GBGR? Would you suggest I buy this and uninstall AU-GBGR? Thanks!!... and well done to Orbx team on the amazing products. Cant wait to reinstall all your great addons on this fresh FSX on a brand new drive
  12. * I did conduct a search on the topic but couldn't locate it* Do ORBX plan on revising YSCB to show the completion of YSCB?
  13. Hi all well I decided to upgrade my pc and I think it will make a difference with flight sim x my even get p3d when I get my pc back for the pc shop . well I have gone from a NVidia gtx 570 to a NVidia gtx 780 Ti graphics card, and increased my ram from 8 GB to 16 GB of ram, And a new hardrive of 3 TB , and a brand new case and a new DVD writer , and also a brand new copy of fsx gold . hopefully I will get my pc back on Monday or Tuesday and then the work will start installing windows 8 . 64 bit and after updates windows 8.1 which I have found that I have no problems with fsx . It will take me several days to install fsx with all my orbx areas I have America , Australia , new Zealand , England , wales , Scotland and 2 areas of Ireland and then ftx global and updates etc.and then ftx vector . And at long last the 3 areas of fs global ultimate and then I have to install rex and my favourite programme ideal flight which I love would not be with out this programme Also I have 3 - 22" monitors and matrox triplehead2go . .
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