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Found 5 results

  1. Some shots from a flight out of Airdrie Airpark, down to Glacier Park international in Montana. Check out the blistering speeds in the cockpit shot of Turbine Duke.
  2. Took the Turbine Duke on a flight from Diamond Point (2WA1) to Bonner's Ferry (65S). It was a long flight, and it was the absolute bumpiest ride I have ever been on in FSX. There was turbulence almost the entire way. Glad I landed when I did.
  3. G'day all, Today's flight sees me returning a charter plane to Alice Springs after delivering the charterers to Conellan Airport, Ayre's Rock. I love this part of the country, a lot of people think the centre of Australia is boring, just flat, red desert as far as the eye can see. I reckon that's one of the attractions, as it puts on show just how old this country is - everything just looks weathered down, worn away... utterly timeless. Then you get these standout bits of geology rearing up from the landscape, twisted layers of sedimentary rock laid down aeons ago and giving evidence to the amazing processes which formed this continent so long ago. So, we're off from YAYE to YBAS, the aircraft of the moment is the wonderful Beechcraft Duke T60. Weather is realtime and provided by REX, and the images were taken with my (updated!) custom version of Tim Fuchs' fantastic ENBPlus Sunlight. The images have been edited a little to provide a more realistic amount of lighting and contrast. Hope you like! Just off the end of the runway, and with a magnificent view of Uluru. Climbing out in a mostly clear sky, some weather is visible up ahead though. Approaching some localised cloud halfway to the Alice. Need to pick a better cloud texture, this one's not fluffy enough. Skirting around the clouds Approaching Alice Springs and the ground starts to show some features, old weathered rock - remnants of an ancient part of Australia's coastline Looking out the passenger's window at the Alice's signature landscape features - those immediately recognisable lines of rocky ridge that dominate the area. The town in sight, and about to intercept the ILS beacon to begin the approach. Making the turn to intercept the localiser Long final Crossing one of those signature ridges On final into YBAS Hope you enjoyed those, please let me know what you think! Cheers, Derek
  4. Just a couple photos I took the other day of a flight back to KHQM from some random T&Gs south....I hope you like them!
  5. G'day all, I'm back again after another protracted absence from screenshots. Work has taken me all over the country the past few weeks, spent last week visiting some of my employer's sites up in the Kimberleys. Lots of hopping around the far north of W.A. in Broome Aviation's Cessna 208's and 404's. Got to fly right hand seat a couple of times so was pretty happy with that, wish my camera hadn't been stowed away in my bag! Been flying to Mackay quite a bit lately as well, and have gained an appreciation for the beautiful mountainous landscape along Queensland's coast, so with that in mind today's flight was exploring some of that gorgeous scenery with a hop from Mackay airport up the coast over Proserpine and then swinging out to Hamilton Island to collect a load of weary charter passengers late in the afternoon. The flight was flown in the sublime Turbine Duke - a plane that I'm loving more and more every flight - with real weather courtesy of REX, and the pics have been lightly edited for effect. Sit back and enjoy!! Lined up on Runway 14, ready to takeoff once a Qantaslink Dash 8 clears the runway ahead. Making the turn back from runway heading to the desired track NW to head for Proserpine. Feet wet and finishing off the turn VOR track intercepted and leaving Mackay behind. Clearing weather ahead and enjoying the rugged terrain inland Over Proserpine and making the turn for Hamilton Island. Say cheese! Crossing the coast again, leaving the mountains behind. Clear skies ahead all the way to the destination as the sun sinks lower in the sky. On final with a bit of a stiff crosswind that wasn't apparent until the last mile or so. About to cross the threshold. Bugger, just realised I forgot to turn my landing lights on Touchdown! Now to go find my passengers and get them back to Mackay Hope you enjoyed the flight, as always comments and criticism are more than welcome! Cheers, Derek
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