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Found 10 results

  1. File is 49 Mb only allowed to upload 8?????????????????????
  2. Hello Everyone, Hope all staying safe in these challenging times. Can anyone advise, if I chose to disable a scenery /airport /region etc in Orbx Central menu des that improve the capacity of the hard disk/memory and improve frame rate a while back somebody told me I should ALWAYS have more than half capacity available on my hard disk which is SS. My computer spec is:- P3D V4.5 / Intel (R)Core TM i7-8700KCPU @3.70GHz3.70GHZ / Installed RAM 16GB 15.9 USEABLE / Graphics Card Nvidia GeForceGTX 1070Ti0.0 (12 Cores) Win 10 Home / 64 bit BR Charlie
  3. Hello, So having just completely reinstalled a fresh Win 10, P3D, and the Orbx Base, Trees, Open LC Europe, and finally True Earth GB South with no tweaks or complication, just a fresh clean install I am presented with this issue... As you can see in the first image terrain/texures appear underwater and begin to emerge out of the water, similarly in the second image you can see around the coast line there is a load of terrain/texture that handrails the coast and then a strange sand coloured terrain out to sea from there. The rest of Europe looks fine, so not sure why TE GB SE is conflicting? Any help much appreciated. Oli
  4. Hello, Can any one advise if True Earth GB South is a stand alone usage item or can you also run TEGBSouth and the recent released Builds HD scenery together? Thanks Charlie
  5. Just nice pictures, well done on the London City Airport I still have a few frame rate problems but when it runs smooth it looks beautiful. Dave. From Wonky Joystick Productions.
  6. Flight in the morning over the Peak District (GB) ORBX TE GB - Xplane 11 - JF PA28 Archer III
  7. Hi folks, Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I am having extreme difficulty trying to get P3D V4.5 to run Orbx True Earth GB South smoothly. It is just so blocky and delayed with any command movements I make in the aircraft it unworkable. I thought my PC would have been adequate enough but it may not be the case. I have tried to find minim specs to run the above but have been unsuccessful in finding anything anywhere and would be grateful for any help/advice. My PC Specs are as follows: OS - Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit CPU - Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology RAM – Slot 1 - DDR3 4096 MB Samsung Max PC3-12800 (800 MHz) RAM – Slot 2 - DDR3 4096 MB Samsung Max PC3-12800 (800 MHz) Motherboard – ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Graphics Card – GeForce GTX 180 G1 Gaming 8GB C Drive - Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB P3D Drive – 2 x Integral 120GB P Series 5 SATA III 2.5" SSD Drive - 560MB/s Flight Sim Controller - Saitek (Logitech) X52 P3D Version – Sim Connect Version – Thank you.
  8. Hi Folks. Congratulations and a huge thank you Orbx for TE England South for P3D, this is the way to go, cant wait for more True Earth.. and seasons too... Yes I know, huge files.... however for now, I think I have diagnosed a problem / corruption of the content in the True Earth England Folder named: - FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY The Orbx Installers put it on my system with everything else Orbx F:\FS-P3dv4\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY Worryingly it takes 12 minutes to load a scenario using True Earth England South and no matter where the sliders are, it is difficult to produce a good result without stutters and blurring, the CPU is stressed out even with the sliders on normal or low. My PC Spec: - Windows 10 1809 (build 17763.316) - i7 6700k @ 4.4Ghz - 32Gb of 3200 Ram - Main GPU is 2080ti - IIyama G Master GBZ888UHSU 4k Display @ 3840x2160 native 30Hz (Display Port) Flight Sim Secondary GPU is 980 ti - Hanns-G 1920x1080 native 60Hz (HDMI) LInda - Active Sky - Browser etc.... 950pro M.2 500Gb for Windows. 850pro SSD 1Tb for P3dv4.4.16.27077 and Orbx collection 850evo SSD 500Gb with all addons packages and scenery connected via addon.xml (the only scenery on my scenery config is Orbx as it installed itself) FPS Locked at 30fps.. I have a lot of Orbx Scenery and use FTX England, Scotland and Wales regularly, Fast Jets at Low Level, GA, and Helicopters. I can fly about all day over any FTX terrain or city with all sliders fully to the right, maxed out. When I feel the need, the need for speed, I catapult off the Nimitz just off Anglesea and crack on to LFA-7 in an F14 at 250ft & 300kts - Awesome..... and with TE England it will be like the real thing, yee har, jesters dead.... usual 29-30 fps However with all scenery turned off except required base packs, Vector and True Earth England South, the scenery looks amazing for a few minutes, my CPU is stable and not strained, the fans are nice and quiet, then the cooling fans start to rev up and the resource monitor indicates all hell has let loose, cpu is spluttering at 100%. This happens even with all sliders left flying at 100kts in a C172.. Just to clarify I read the manual and 3D Vegetation is switched off, the only FS software running was P3dv4.4.16.27077 - FSUIPC5.1.5 - Linda 3.09.809 So I attempted to diagnose by using the scenery configurator within P3D and switched off everything, except required Base files - Vector and the 4 folders of EU-England and I was back in business. OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY - 14.2Gb - Priority 19 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_06_CVX - 251Mb - Priority 20 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_07_MESH - 1.14Gb - Priority 21 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_08_CUSTOM - 42.2Gb - Priority 22 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY - 1.35Gb - Priority 23 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX - 294Mb - Priority 24 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH - 1.43Gb - Priority 25 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM - 3.87Gb - Priority 26 To verify things I looked for a solution out side of the box, having read every article on the www about this problem. Firstly I tried this combination of Orbx Scenery.. and moved the Custom folder down to priority 26 and switched off the EU_ENG_08_Custom. Here's one I made earlier.. OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY - 14.2Gb - Priority 19 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_06_CVX - 251Mb - Priority 20 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_07_MESH - 1.14Gb - Priority 21 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY - 1.35Gb - Priority 22 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX - 294Mb - Priority 23 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH - 1.43Gb - Priority 24 ON-FTX_EU_!GBS_08_CUSTOM - 42.2Gb - Priority 25 OFF-FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM - 3.87Gb - Priority 26 I expected problems but this combination worked a treat, all I noticed was losing the winter textures I had set up, but there was no stuttering or bluing after a flying for 30 mins or so 29-30fps.. and this custom folder is = 42.2Gb. almost 40Gb larger than the EU ENG 08 Custom scenery folder.. Sliders fully right.. For the record the loading time to put a C172 on the active at EGHI in summer at 10am with clear skies was 3min 30sec and I flew at 110kts - 2000ft from EGHI over Soton- Bournemouth and on to Poole without any problems, fully maxed out on the sliders etc... and back.. 29-30 fps stable... Secondly I tried this combination. OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_06_CVX - 251Mb - Priority 19 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_07_MESH - 1.14Gb - Priority 20 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_08_CUSTOM - 42.2Gb - Priority 21 OFF-FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY - 1.35Gb - Priority 22 ON-FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY - 14.2Gb - Priority 23 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX - 294Mb - Priority 24 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH - 1.43Gb - Priority 25 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM - 3.87Gb - Priority 26 It took seconds to build the Database and using the same scenario as above, the results are conclusive, it all went wrong at the get go... it took 10 minutes just to move off the 6% loading mark and a full 12 minutes before I was sitting on the tarmac at EGHI, looking at 23 fps not going anywhere. (Normally 30fps) I took off and headed towards poole, as I trundled down the RW the cooling fans in my PC case began to increase in speed and all 8 cores on the cpu had maxed out, fps dropped to 15 and was bouncing to 29 and back. As I neared Bournemouth the cooling fans increased more and continued to wind up, my PC sounded like an F14 screaming on start up... On crossing in to Bournemouth, south of the airport, the screen started to stutter fps down to 9 and fluctuating and by the time I reached Poole bay all cores were maxed out. 14590MB of Ram were being used 17739 were free. My P3D SSD (Disk 1) was throwing out data but not too stressed at 80% ish.. whilst the CPUs were having a hard time 80 to 100%. The ground textures did not look as crisp as they usually do. I headed back towards Southampton, as I neared the docks all 8 cores were flat out, fps down to 9, Cooling Fans maxed out too... screen stuttering and textures blurrie.... which if I pause the sim for a while, they become clear and the cpu's catchup and the fps settles at 30... My BIGGEST COMPLAINT HOWEVER is seeing trees in the middle of the containers in Southampton Docks... but thats why we cant swap the scenery folders around like I have... it is after all just a test. Whilst on the hoof, without leaving this scenario I reconfigured the scenery back to this.... OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY - 14.2Gb - Priority 19 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_06_CVX - 251Mb - Priority 20 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_07_MESH - 1.14Gb - Priority 21 OFF-FTX_EU_!GBS_08_CUSTOM - 42.2Gb - Priority 22 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY - 1.35Gb - Priority 23 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX - 294Mb - Priority 24 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH - 1.43Gb - Priority 25 ON-FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM - 3.87Gb - Priority 26 and continued flying, It took 3 minutes or so for the amended scenery configuration to load replacing the 12 minute load version just by replacing FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY - forsuth, cooling fans all nice and quiet, 29-30 fps nice and stable and and look at that, the trees in the docks have gone as well.. Definitely think there is an issue with contents of folder FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY Hope this has been informative and has helped to get to the bottom of the problem, why True Earth Netherlands is OK and True Earth England South has a few teething issues... Tally HO Binkey... Rog
  9. Hi all, I’ve had nothing but crashes since x plane 11.3 stable (I’ve never used a beta). Checked the log file and it crashes after trying to load True earth GB the sim runs fine anywhere but the UK as this is my scenery (south and central) I’ve tried different airports and different planes. Crashes all the time. Anyone aware of a fix? I’ve also updated scenery and TEGB through FTX
  10. Hi Guys I'm a long term Orbx customer (many purchases for my old MS-FSX) but now run X-plane 11 on iMac I realise this is a little subjective, but just wondered if anyone notices any significant change in frame-rate with this new UK scenery (that I must have!!!) In my previous experiences with Orbx products, I found very little (if any) frame rate change. Many thanks for any feedback Cheers Pete
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