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  1. Hi team, I have installed vector in P5D and this same issue is occurring at VTBS. Can only assume vector hasn't catered for the new airport? Cheers
  2. HI everyone. I have a very strange bug with my autogen default trees textures. I see them like in boxes, as you can see in the photos. Also they are not transparent at all. It happens when the vegetation bgl picks default veg_ textures. I have update my diretcx and my graphics card driver. I have fsx and there it doesnt happens to me. When there are two trees both in front you cannot see the other, and that's very awful. I hope someone could help me with this. Thank you! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MGAsryxA5hu0rKFOJSQ1vZRoH8Sx-P4F?usp=sharing
  3. Transaction ID 5eb25c3ee8b09 Hello, Not clear where I should post my question so used this one. How do I know if the new software is working to be honest I see NO difference in the presentation etc of the installed Global Trees HD, how are you supposed to know if its working, shuld Global Trees HD be disabled to see any improvement. Its not helpful having NO user manual either
  4. Hi, I suddenly have a kind of forrest on Hamburg airport. Any suggestion how to solve? I have a picture but cannot insert it. How do you insert an URL?
  5. I recently installed Orbx Airport Pack . I am also running Orbx LC NA, Libraries, Trees HD and Buildings HD, all Orbx products. I am running FSX on a Jetline System Computer. When I open FSX to airport KEEN, there are trees on the ramp. If I uninstall the Airport Pack, I am back to running normal scenery with no issues. Help Thank you in advance Asticou
  6. Hi, So i recently updated some specs for my computer and in conjunction reformated my harddrives and re-installed P3D, Orbx etc. After I had installed Orbx trees and all other landscape addons i have, i noticed while flying that some (the majority) looked very bright-green and dominated on the vegetation side, cities are full of these trees and im just wondering if this is normal? Because it looks quite strange... I will attach some pictures showing how these trees stand out and almost look unrealistic.. is this normal from Orbx trees? Cause i cannot remember it being this bright-green.. previously when using it.. (I have my Autogen vegetation set to max) And as you can see on the pic with pinetrees, the colours also mix which doesn't look realistic either....?? Thanks for the help.
  7. As the title says. The trees shimmer and pop for me. Check the photo, I think something just looks WRONG overall.
  8. I have a problem at YTST. There are trees on the runway. I remembered that when I landed here that was no problem. Look at my movie below at about 40:50. Anyone else also this problem? Have a nice flight, Wil
  9. Hello, Can any one tell me why France is in the midst of Autumn with corresponding approx 80% of trees in golden brown/gold colours when in UK scenery is at it should be. I checked other locations and more realistic presentations exist including UK Best Regards Charlie
  10. Hi @Matteo Veneziani I've installed LIEO v1.05 today and I'm very pleased with the overall improvements you've done since initial release! There's one thing however that renders the scenery unusable for me, I hope you can help: I get extreme texture shimmering on most trees around the airport, or within your scenery area. I know that tree texture shimmering during movement is normal to some degree for trees in the distance. However most of your trees shimmer extremely bad right until the tree is directly in front of me. It is the kind of shimmer I would see if the texture did not have any mip maps. I have confirmed that the issue only occurs within your scenery coverage area. As soon as I move outside your scenery, all trees display perfectly normal. See the two screenshots below, I've tried to mark the type of tree that cause the problem. Green arrows show tree types that display normally, red arrows show tree types with extreme shimmering. Note that the shimmering affects ALL the trees of the same type, not just those marked by an arrow. This is just for you to find a pattern as to which tree might be affected. As you can see the issue is with the smaller trees, those with a more greyish texture. Are these tress that are only used in your scenery, and nowhere else within ORBX land? I've never observed this issue in any other ORBX airport, nor any OpenLC or FTX area. And as I've said, as soon as I move away from your scenery, I no longer see the issue. Let me know if you need further info to isolate this problem! I use ORBX HD Trees by the way, I use 8x MSAA with a screen resolution of 3840x1600px Oh and one more thing: For some strange reason your SODE jetways do not want to dock to my AI aircraft. Any ideas? This works perfectly fine on other SODE jetway airports. Thanks, Markus
  11. I can't argue that the trees in Trees HD are very good, but having flown to many airfields and airports around our virtual world, I'm finding that far too many of them have large trees unrealistically close to the runways and runway thresholds. In some cases you have to hold off your ILS descent in order to 'skip over' the trees. Is there something I'm missing setting-wise or is this a problem with the software? Look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Thanks - Peter
  12. Hello, I’m a recent Orbx customer and i purchased the products for Prepar3D 4.5 release : Base pack, Vector, open LC Europe, Trees. My settings are exactly your recommendations. My first issue - Some trees have been placed in the lake near LFLB airport (N45° 39.31', E5° 52.20'). No addon here, just Prepar3D and Orbx. Not very realistic ! My second issue - It occursed when i switched on winter season (Christmas day). The lake located near LFLP airport is entierly frozen (N45° 54.72', E6° 4.50'). I got the same issue close to Geneva (LSGG) or Chambery (LFLB). Not very realistic in France ! Thanks for help. See screenshots in attachments
  13. Hi, I seem to have a problem with GB True North and cities being covered in trees. Would anyone know what could be causing this? I have GB True South installed and don't have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  14. Just landed at Bozemam KBZN to find the north part of Taxiway A blocked by trees growing out of the pavement. Using FSX.
  15. Hi there, Using P3Dv4 and ObjectFlow 2 and all latest updates and have noticed some strange tree textures at several of the ORBX payware airports (at least, San Diego, Stewart, Bowerman, etc.). As anyone seen the silver / shiny lining at the edges of the tree foliage as in the screenshots below? I have tried several different settings and nothing gets rid of these. Never had this in FSX or FSX-SE. Bowerman at start of runway 6: Stewart Airport taxiing down to runway 36: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. I use FTX Global BASE, Vector and EU LC. It works perfect. I recently installed the freeware EU airports and EU airport Pack. The problem I have is that the trees belonging to the airports pop-up at a far closer distance than the scenery trees. So when I am on final approach I see the airport and as I come closer the trees surrounding the airport pop up, while all other trees are present as far as I can see. Anyone here who has the same problem or knows a sollution. Thx!!
  17. Order: 5a48e6b497263 Suddenly, the trees and vegetation at 11S have changed from nicely detailed to a blur as shown in the attached screen shot. All installs are up-to-date. Simulator: P3D v4.2 Computer: i7-4790k, gtx1080ti, 16gb RAM, 1080P Monitor Orbx Products Installed: FTX Global Range - Base Pack, openLC North America, Trees HD, Lights Configurator, Vector, Libraries North America - Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Sekiu Airport
  18. [win10, p3d41] Hello, I've just entered the Outback from the south, hopping from every OZx airstrip to another one I've reached YRYK, and I have this (pictures) mediterranean view, instead of a barren landscape - I've reloaded the sim - I've checked Vector's settings (FTX AU is checked) so, sorry whether I forgot how to fix this thanks for help
  19. Hi! I reinstalled P3DV4, and have installed all Global, Vector, OpenLCEurope and FTX Norway + FTX Trees. But when I launch the sim. The default Trees is still there, not THE Orbx ones. Whats wrong with that?
  20. Hi When one buy trees one expect them to be suitable to each region, most of them do and improve amazingly the look of the areas, like in Narkiv, North America etc. But of course, you also expect this beauty to reflect the realism of your own country too, and instead of doing so, in my case it irritates me to see trees that don't exist here, the beautiful orange and yellow trees, seen in NA, Europe and SA, yes, in the tropics we don't have that so it looks very unreal, dislike it. I was flying today in Liberia airport, Costa Rica, this area is a dry forest at this time, and every where you look at, there were fall trees!!. Here is just two seasons, winter (May to Nov) and summer (Dec to April). That's the tropics. Is there anyway, you can fix / control this in your tree product? Otherwise for tropical people would not make senase to buy this product as it is not accurate to each zone of the world... When I bought it I was really expecting my country to be improved in terms of vegetations. I've see some errors too in certain areas where there are very dens rain forest, some textures showing "towns" but these are minor, acceptable but the colorfull trees are not. This is how the airport area looks like so you can have an idea.. it is more like a sabana Winter vegetation: Summer one I don't pretend that you match exactly every part of my country, just showing how unreal the fall trees are in this area of the world. I wish something could be done Thank you! Regards, Carlos
  21. Hi all, I am absolutely satisfied with all of my scenery purchased from ORBX, quite amazing actually! Unfortunately I am having an issue with the ORBX Trees. For some reason, they stop showing after a random amount of time without any settings changed. A weird way to fix this has been for me to uninstall (!) the trees via FTX Central. This usually does not last long though, and after a few flights the trees are back to P3D default again. My P3Dv4 was just reinstalled from scratch, because of some different and more serious issues I was experiencing, this did not resolve the problem with the trees though. The reinstall was clean, as I followed Lockheed Martin's instructions for deleting all relevant folders to reset all configurations to their absolute default. For some strange reason, the ORBX trees were back in the simulator before I even activated them via FTX central. There was not a single addon installed or activated after the reinstall, how could this have happened? Did I miss anything in my reinstall? I followed these instructions here. FTX central was not even downloaded again at that time. Anyway, I launched FTX central afterwards, downloaded and installed all of my ORBX scenery and started testing P3Dv4. Now I've been having no issues with my trees for a few days, until they suddenly started disappearing again. I've tried all sorts of things, activating and deactivating scenery, forcing a reinstall of the ORBX library and reinstalling the trees via FTX central quite a few times. None of this has resolved my issue. Please let me know how I can systematically track down the cause of this issue. Thanks and best regards, Daniel
  22. 5a 18582cd94ee deleted PNW demo then reinstalled full PNW. Scenery contains only Orbx on top pf the FX senereies.
  23. This is not a very worthy issue to raise but it is mildly annoying so if anyone knows the answer it would be good. The Orbx trees at close quarters have artifacts like detached tree parts as per attached photo. I did instal the program from the updated download before I had the Central facility if that might be relevant
  24. Hello, For some time, I have a problem of displaying the colors of the trees on the ground. see both screens. I uninstall and then reinstall tree hd. It came back alone without understanding. I do not understand what does not work. I even erase the shader folder for it to rebuild. Thank you for your help
  25. Hi, I am with the latest P3D v4.1 and have the latest FTX central. After installing all the regions, global, lc and airports, I am having trouble with some UK airports. At Fairoaks I see trees through the pavement (see below) and at Sumburgh it seems that textures from the region are mixing with the airport addon. I erased and rebuild prepar3d.cfg, shaders and sceneryindexes. Could this be a problem of something else that needs to be erased and rebuild? Thanks for any advice.
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