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  1. Fellow Simmers, I am fairly new to this simming malarkey, so I have the stupid question of the week. I have C/Drive (XPlane) with 110GB free and D/Drive with 1.8TB free. I have read in these forums that it is possible to download terrain to a different drive to XPlane for it to use. How do you do that?? Any help or advice would be appreciated, words of one syllable as I'm not very tech savvy. Cheers in anticipation. W10, XP11.41, CIRRUS2 DESKTOP, i7 7700K, GTX1070 8GB, ASUS STRIX Z270F M/B, 16GB DDR4 2133 MHZ RAM
  2. Guys: I installed P3D v4.5 hotfix 2 last week. Decided to fly my Mustang from South Tahoe (KTVL) to Furnace Creek (L06). Noticed that the terrain was not flat, and some of the nearby parked airplanes were on the non-ORBX surface, while my P-51 was on a semi-opaque, higher surface. Here is a screenshot, showing my Mustang sitting on the higher surface, with shadows being cast on the higher surface and the lower surface: Here's the external view at "ground" level: Here's another view, from the back of the airplane: Here's what I get with my ORBX KTVL scenery turned off: I have flown into and out of ORBX KTVL several times before, and it's always been OK. I tried reconfiguring Global BASE Pack, and Libraries as recommended in another thread on this subject, with no difference. Turning the KTVL scenery works pretty well, but I consider that to be a temporary fix, seein' as how I paid for the airport scenery. Any ideas? Thank you ATB
  3. Hi, I just saw these two peaks flying southwest from KSQL in the SF Bay Area. I did my best to get accurate coordinates in the last photo so these anomalies could be ironed out. (so to speak) They were not there before I installed Orbx Nor Cal yesterday. Thanks and kind regards.
  4. Hello! In West Africa, Vector creates this huge ugly pool The coordinates of this place: N12 ° 25,38 ' W16 ° 22,21' Of course, in fact, this rectangle does not exist in this place. If possible, correct it. Orbx order receipt 5c65e3298ed36
  5. I'm having dueling terrain issues. I have PFJ and PAKT and I'm getting objects from both. I load a saved flight and start on the runway. But there is another runway above me 50' or so. The view from the bottom runway is distorted but the top runway is OK. I can probably work around this by just "going" to the airport in the case of PAKT. But at PANT I have same issue but the top runway is not landable, I fly right through the top runway. The view from top and bottom are distorted. ------------------- In another case I tried to turn off all layers and FTXAA_ORBXLIBS to try and use FSX default. The mesh at runway level is bad with some hillsides on the runway. PAKT Default image showing problem. (Can't find an Imgur url that works.) The "hillside" is likely the proper elevation for the Orbx PAKT. I know PAKT is bi-level, and Orbx PAKT models that, but I have all my scenery checked to Off. Where is that mesh (if that is the proper term) coming from? Is there a way to discover the source? I own Ultimate Alaska X but I don't think I ran it on this FSX:SE fresh install. Opps, I do have files: "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\UtAkMesh\Scenery\mesh_LOD4-10_Alaska_N54-58_W129-137_SES.bgl" "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\UtAkCities\Scenery\PAKT_AP.BGL" very small file. I have "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\World\scenery\ADE_FTX_PFJ_PAKT_elevation_adjustment.BGL" That may be getting loaded. I don't have any Steam scenery DLC, only a couple of a/c. ------------------ I turned on Orbx PFJ and PAKT, and reloaded scenery lib. If I "go to" PAKT I'm placed on the PJF runway at 132 ft with distorted views.. If I slew up I'm on a hard surface runway at 194 ft. which looks like the Orbx PAKT runway and views are OK. I think the FSX default was around 50' Why are both layer getting loaded? -------------------- Is there a tool that will report all objects that were loaded and active for any given point? For example I could position over the misplaced terrain and do a query that tells me what objects were used at that location. ------------------- Thanks!
  6. Hello to all ! I am having a problem after installing ORBX by Central, it appears like a GLITCH or missing textures of the terrain. I never had this problem before, I unistalled BASE PACK, VECTOR, LC's and Libraries and I install again, but the problem still. I have delected Terrain.cfg just to make P3DV4 rebuilt again, but it does not work anyways. I have go to settings in ORBX central and press in Sync Simulator but still not working as fine. I attached my Central Log, Terrain.cfg and a Screen of the problem. I hope you can help me ! central.log terrain.cfg
  7. Hello, So having just completely reinstalled a fresh Win 10, P3D, and the Orbx Base, Trees, Open LC Europe, and finally True Earth GB South with no tweaks or complication, just a fresh clean install I am presented with this issue... As you can see in the first image terrain/texures appear underwater and begin to emerge out of the water, similarly in the second image you can see around the coast line there is a load of terrain/texture that handrails the coast and then a strange sand coloured terrain out to sea from there. The rest of Europe looks fine, so not sure why TE GB SE is conflicting? Any help much appreciated. Oli
  8. This exact file is found under custom scenery, and ORBX_C is in scenery pack, but this pops up, and xp 11 will not start? Any ideas?
  9. Hello there, just happy with a completely reinstall of everything and a P3D4.2 with very smooth graphics and no stutterings anymore now I just found this strange textures on the way from KEYW to TJSJ, it just happens sometimes and always in the borderzones of little islands. Here you see one example from the Florida Keys in the dusk and also one from the Bahamas at daylight. Any idea to solve this without reinstalling everything again? Thanks and regards ArnyLitheman
  10. Hello All, I am new to Orbx, and was really excited to upgrade my FSX with some new visuals. I bought the "FSX Global base pack" the "ftx trees" I also have "NA Southern California" installed. I have installed these items through the "FTX Central 3" application . I have not received any errors while downloading or installing these items. Everything seems to be working just fine. The problem occurs when I load the Simulator. all of "scenery" settings are quite high. almost exactly to the suggested settings in the user manual, but when I am flying around the So-Cal area the scenery Im seeing looks nothing like the advertised video. Additionally there are residential houses along the runways at KLAX now. Something completely out of place. We all know there are no houses in between 24L and 24R lol. I feel like Ive done something wrong, or something has gone wrong with the installation? I've included screenshots of the Runways at KLAX that show houses and trees along the runway, and Ive included a picture of the Los Angeles Area from 10,000 alt. Can someone please help me with my issue? What have I done wrong?? Computer Specs: CyberPowerPC - GUA2600BST - Ryzen 5 1400 3.2 GHz - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD - AMD Radeon RX 580 Picture of KLAX Runways http://tinypic.com/r/30sgg3n/9 Picture of Downtown Los Angeles http://tinypic.com/r/2vuj4pc/9
  11. Hi, I have a problem with my terrain textures in fresh installation without any else addon. I have all settings accord the orbx guide. I try to change my settings but without results. This not occurred every time but is to frequency and sometimes occur in the middle of the game. Normally occur after my aircraft crashed and reload the scenary. I have updated all orbx libraries, Base Package, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD, Light Configuration and EU Airport Pack. My system specs: CPU: i7 8700k GPU: AMD VEGA 56 8GB HBM2 SSD: m2 Samsung 960 evo 240GB RAM: 16GB 3000Mhz Prepar3D: v4.2.21.24048 FTX Central v3.2.5.7
  12. Hey Guys I've recently noticed an issue with my ground scenery. There are white lines at places that look like 2 textures connect to each other and are only the distance and not in close proximity to the aircraft and when zoomed in upon they disappear. This only happens in my Europe land class scenery and have tried a reinstall and am currently reinstalling all orbx scenery from the ground up. I have marked the area in the screenshot. Its the jagged white lines following the mesh of the ground that are bugging me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Callum.
  13. Hi, I updated both client and contents. My ORBX folder within P3D seems intact, and all my products show in the updated FTX Central, and the scenery order is unchanged from 4.1. However, the ground texture has disappeared. I attach a screenshot at Elstree airport, UK. It looks odd, any suggestion as to what may be wrong? I did clear the sceneryindexes, shaders, and prepar3d.cfg as I normally before running the simulator. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Brian
  14. Hi, I'm having issues at Jeju Island (South Korea) "RKPC". This is a fresh install... I only have installed FTX Global, FTX Vectors and FS Global Ultimate 2018 download version... If someone had the same problem and found a fix please share. Running fresh with no addons the scenery looks fine.... This is how it looks without FSGU2018 (just FTX Vectors)... look at the odd mountain... This is with FSGU2018: Greetings, Nestor
  15. Hello, I recently bought ORBX KBVS and have had these elevation issues. The main textures seem to be under the terrain itself. This does not have any Vector or such. I already updated the libs and made sure everything was up to date. I also changed the order in the config and nothing seems to be working. Help would be greatly appreciated! Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5a41371e1449f. (5a41371e1449f)
  16. Hi there! Yesterday I flew BGKK-BGSF. About 12 nm east of GANGI intersection I spotted something strange, see for yourself. The approximate coordinates are N66° 52.00' W49° 14.57' I have FTX Global, Vector, Open LC Europe and Open LC NA. Greenland is included in OPEN LC NA. However, a friend of mine was flying ahead of me and spotted the same thing. He does not have OPEN LC NA, just the old Canada & Alaska, which I believe does not include Greenland. Could you have a look at it? Regards, Fabrizio
  17. I know what Europe and Africa look like from the air ... I don't know about the US but I'm sure it doesn't look like this. I thought I took another screenshot that illustrates it even better but I think I've missed the V and it's not in the PICTURE folder but I think this one gives a good idea what it should NOT look like. Any idea what, where, why, and how to fix it? Global and Europe were updated tonight. South America has the same anomalies.Screenshot was taken between KMSP and KDEN. ORBX Libs up to date 3rd party addons are at the top of the scenery library FTX Central 3 Insertion points are correct "Force Migration" done "Clear Temp" button clicked Product: FTX Global openLC North America Transaction ID: 5935d28213492 Product: FTX Global BASE Pack Transaction ID: 5862774da0e59 Product: FTX Global openLC South America Transaction ID: 597c4faab7a77
  18. Anyone else having problems with deep holes at O17 airport? I ran the Vector Config/Airport Elevation routine and disabled the AEC for it, but it didn't help.
  19. I have Europe_OpenLC and FTX_Norway installed in P3D4. Did the migration afterwards but still the terrain loads in blocks and as the pictures shows even water in some places. Re-migration and still the same. Could it be that the terrain.cfg is corrupted or how can I fix it ...? Also had a problem to install the EuropeOpenLC again and it kept giving me errors (corrupt) install but all the entries seem to be in the scenery.cfg file. It was all perfect and then I did a clean install of P3D4 and then the problems started. I did uninstall every ORBX scenery first. :-( Regards Terblanche EurLC: FSS0355218 FTXNor: FSS0442916
  20. Hi all First time posting here, and very early stages of using ORBX products! Gotta admit I love the products, but I'm trying to download some further products through FTX Central v3.2.0.3 but have twice now come up with this error message (see attached photo and ftxc3.log file) ftxc3.log. Have been trying to download for a while now, and a few times in the last 2 days; at university, at home and on my wifi hotspot but still slow connection? I have cleared the download cache and also toggled between using multiple threads for downloads. I also get the option on most startups to re-migrate my unified Iclookup. Could someone please give me a hand? Cheers pilotbarks System specs are as follows: Macbook Pro 12,1 Bootcamp with Windows 10 Pro v. 1607 (Build 14393.1358) i7 3.1Ghz, 16GB, 1TB SSD
  21. Hey there, I have been having problems after installing the YBBN airport software and all freeware. I can constantly see water where there should be land and little black squares around the place. I have followed the steps in this thread with no success. The screenshots in this thread are similar to the ones I see. Are there any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello, I recently purchased KPSP Airport Scenery and I'm having a problem with the terrain elevation. I tried deactivating FTX Global and Vector but didn't change a thing. With the default airport the elevation is ok. I will attach a picture below. Thanks in advance! Rudi.
  23. I purchased KMRY today because of the sale. The manual states that without NorCal installed I would lose some functionality such as photoreal blending, moving traffic, lights, and houses. None of those really bothered me so I went and got it anyway thinking I would still be able to use the airport. I do not have Orbx NorCal because of fps and vas problems around SFO. After loading into the scenery for the first time I noticed a huge cliff between 28L and 28R and some floating grass. I do not have vector installed anymore so I don't have the AEC tool. I do have all the recommended settings set and I've moved KMRY around in the scenery library but nothing has worked. I was under the assumption when purchasing that I would lose some functionality that wasn't even going to affect me, but there is no functionality with it now. Any help would be appreciated as I don't want the money I spent to go to waste. Thanks Jarad
  24. Hello everyone, I am new to this but I hope that someone will be able to patiently resolve this issue with me. Recently I purchased FTX global for FSX:SE Edition (No i did not have the previous fsx on this desktop). During the installation process I forgot to do the following; "run as administrator" and use a proper download manager as I am unclear as to how one may function as FTX central updates are on the app and not a web file (or can someone explain that as well?) and I could not find a roper download manager. Furthermore the installation process seemed to have run smoothly and the vector global lights are working (as well as the trees) but I think thats it . In conclusion, either I was expecting more of FTX global or I seriously didnt install this thing properly. Thanks, Khalifa. FSS0442243
  25. Ran in to what seems like a working tile, labelled SPRING, while flying over Brazil north of Rio de Janerio. Add to the list of fixes please. — Bob
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