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  1. After a upgrade to my system just a few test shots. I think I've fell "in love" with XPlane all over again Cheers Renault A few test shots at Southampton .... A few at Seattle ....
  2. Didn't want to upset my XP system and have it getting jealous with all this MSFS activity, so here's a few of the freebie 747 super fire tanker out of KSEA. Obviously a busy time of day from the look of the skies. My P3D propbably won't get much use now, but XP with TE is still very much a contender
  3. Hello - I had a similar problem with mesh in TE Washington with my KBVS Skagit purchase. Jon Clarke helped me solve that problem by turning on the "runway follows contour" option. I have it currently enabled. I've tried disabling it (checked and problem still remained), re-enabling it (checked and problem still remained), verifying files (remained), shut-down/restart computer (remained), checked scenery_packs.ini (in order)and looking for others with similar problems on this forum. Have had no luck thus far. Hoping for some direction to solve. Thanks in advance for any help offered. Scott The location is nearest WA45 Rwy 34 (that grass strip is also affected) Log.txt
  4. Near 1S2. I can only say Wow.... I had tried this scenery in v5. Today I installed it in v4.5. IMHO, in v4.5 this TE region looks even more magnificent.
  5. Today I finalized getting my installation of XPlane Vulkan Beta 11.50b13 up & running I took a number of screenshots at Paine Field Snohomish County (Laminar Demo Region at Seattle. Boeing is very close by) to check my color fidelity and then added Orbx scenery The first 4 screenshots are XPlane default - Default aircraft, Default clouds, default scenery objects. The remainder are Orbx , but still with Default clouds and aircraft. Simply put, for me, Orbx gives me the world ! Cheers Renault Disclaimer - Sorry Iain, the first 4 are definitely not Orbx, but for the sake of the comparison I hope it is ok. If not, I understand.
  6. Sometimes the best part of a heavy rain is right after the sun comes out. Cheers Renault Made a little trip for cross border relations to celebrate my National Holiday It was virtual , so proper protocols and social distancing were carefully followed
  7. There are some fellows here in the forum playing with post-processing. I thought it might be interesting to do a black and white set of shots. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. I must say I am really impressed at how well TE Washington performs, both visually and regarding FPS, with P3D V4.5. This flight was super immersive, with plenty of beautiful things to see whatever I looked at. Hope you enjoy the shots as much as I enjoyed this flight.
  9. My first shots from TE Washington. A very pleasant flight from 0S9 to S43. ]
  10. My second flight with TE Washington. Exploring the wonderful region between WA56 and 1S2.
  11. Hello, There are missing tiles in TE Washington SD + TE Washington Enhancement. Some areas clearly show the default XP11 terrain, and I am also missing the beautiful water textures between Skagit and Anacortes. Here are some screenshots: scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  12. From England, now I travel to Washington to look for cityscapes of this precious lovely small town, Eatonville. During these hard COVID times - in which I can't practice real photography -, I am enjoying very much this virtual photographic adventures on XP11 and P3D. As in real life, you need to think about angles, composition, framing, lines, perspectives, light and colors, lenses (wide, normal, telephoto) etc etc. These photographic techniques and challenges are all present in virtual photography.
  13. Third leg of my trip. A very scenic and pleasant flight from Swanson to Walter Sutton. Please notice the two last pictures. One is from XP11, the next from Google maps. Amazing level of realism...
  14. TE Washington SD 2W3 XVision preset: Adam XV 130_01 It's so nice to be back "simming". Today I decided to depart from Eatonville during the day and then return at dusk.
  15. After one month far from the simulators, I am really happy to be able to fly again! My PC was down and I needed to reinstall everything!!!! Many hours of work to get everything installed, configured and working. Thank you very much indeed @renault for your super helpful tips!!!
  16. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  17. Some from beautiful Seattle. TE Washington SD + Enhancement Pack
  18. Darrington Muni is indeed a very special airport. I love it. Wonderful field and surroundings.
  19. While TE Oregon installation ground on relentlessly in the background, I started cleaning up the "detritus" of leftover shots I made when I first installed my new gpu. Didn't expect to find anything worth saving, but after looking at them I thought well , some weren't quite as awful as I remembered them so here are a few that I kept. Thanks very much for viewing All the best Renault Washington, TE Worthing UK, TE GBS
  20. Approaching Protection Island with Diamond Point at my 3 o’clock Thanks for viewing
  21. As always , thanks for stopping by …. Cheers Renault
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