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Found 24 results

  1. An extremely pleasant and realistic flight from Manchester to Caernarfon. There's nothing better than landing at a true-to-life airport after a very scenic flight. Caernarfon is indeed a gem from Orbx. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Landing at Wycombe is a pleasure. This highway on short finals is stunning.
  3. Out of Heathrow and heading east across town. As ever, all 4k with maxed settings. Down to 20 fps across central London but still very smooth. CPU utilisation typically 20%, occasionally up to 45-50 in small bursts, and this is not a high frequency processor (3.4 base, maybe 4.2 turbo) but it can be oc'd. We'll see, but it doesn't feel like I need it yet. Anyway, enjoy! You can see clear out to the mouth of the Estuary here if you can blow this one up big enough - incredible!
  4. Testing Popham with XP11/Vulkan. What a wonderful airfield....
  5. Now to TE GB Manchester. Disclaimer: this not a comprehensive exploration of the city's landmarks, but a small set of city scenes spotted while freely exploring the urban environment. Hope you like them!
  6. Now let's explore Cardiff and its surroundings. "And I think to myself, what a wonderful (sim) world".
  7. Now for the part II of my cityscapes screenshot series. Today, exploring the beauty of Liverpool. Hope you like it
  8. Today I tried EGCK for the first time. I don't know if it is for the perfect location, between mountains and the sea, for the incredible little details everywhere, for the lovely TE scenery around it, or if it is for much more and for the sum of everything, but for me this is already one of my favorite airfields ever. I love it. Well done, Orbx!
  9. All the best everyone Stay safe! R Every Orbx TE scenery is something special. For me, one of the real highlights is Compton Abbas, EGHA - its a real gem and the scenery is just quintessential England. We lived elsewhere in the UK for many years and some days I miss it a lot. So I hope you enjoy my little screenshot tour. The proper address according to their website is Compton Abbas Airfield, Ashmore , Near Salisbury, Wiltshire. It's about 5 km due south of Shaftesbury and at an elevation of 812 ft ASL is one of the highest airfields in England. Its a grass strip , about 800 m in length. its a private strip, operated by Compton Abbas Airfield Ltd. Its CAA license allows "flights for the public transport of passengers or flying instructions". It was started by the Shaftesbury Flying Club in May 1962. From their corporate website "Compton Abbas Airfield is well known as being one of the friendliest and most picturesque airfields, not just in the UK, but around the world. This reputation makes us a popular retreat for everyone; from pilots flying in for some lunch, students learning to fly with us, and members of the public who are looking for a great day out - with good food, fantastic views and perhaps a flight in one of our aircraft! " The restaurant reviews are very good and one of their specialities is carrot cake. Its my fav ... I'll travel the world looking for a new taste treat So lets get started .... It's a very pleasant little airfield, but the road beside it is quite busy. You'll see in a minute what I mean. Just to orientate ourselves I sometimes pop in on the weekend for a bit of flying in my tiger moth. Folks also like my "little motor" as well - some days it attracts as much attention as the moth. But getting there in one piece sometimes is a challenge. This road is basically just a bit of a cutoff - from a much bigger road, Spread Eagle Hill, which is close by. Ah, there's the turn into the car park There's Jack, one of the employees coming over to open the gate for me, so I can drive right in... They usually let me do a bit of a "show" for the crowd , before I go up in the moth. But I here there's something extra special this afternoon, so I won't want to miss that! I usually do a little high speed run down the strip, but I have to promise "no doughnuts" at the end. The tricky part is getting stopped There's quite a drop off at the end of the runway ! After my run I'll just park here, quick change of outfit and I'm off in the "moth" This whole area is classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty. You can certainly see why Lots of space, and I certainly don't need much of a runway to get airborne It seems you just barely get moving and you're airborne You can really see what I meant by the drop off at the end of the runway. Long way to the bottom! That's Shaftesbury just behind me ... I could just stay up here all day, but time is of the essence and I need to be back. "Special show" time ! And now for the main event. Not only do you hear it, but this close you feel the throb of the mighty merlins .. Not many folks know this, but as great as the engines were, they would cut out during a steep dive, This was caused by negative g forces. It put the Spitfires and Hurricanes at a disadvantage as the ME109's used fuel injected engines, not a carbauretor. This was solved in 1941 by "Miss Shilling's Orifice" which was a diaphragm put across the carburetor float chambers. They were designed by a gifted lady named Miss Tilly Shilling. ( https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/world-war-two-in-western-europe/battle-of-britain/rolls-royce-merlin-engine/ ) That is a very calm , and collected doggie ! And of course, some folks have remarkable powers of concentration ! You know, it just doesn't get much better than this Great aircraft and beautiful countryside In fact, we attracted the attention of a visiting earth satellite .... Well just a quick drive by and thanks to the crowd. Glad they were able to come and now I'm off .... Well I thought I was off. Remember what I said about traffic ! Boy, I'm glad I stopped for a slice of cake and a mug of tea at the "caf". And the reviews were right It was delicious ... Cheers!
  10. I love this airfield and its surroundings, I think it is truly a gem.
  11. Out of hangar at Barton-Manchester airfield EGCB Overflying several POI's in the Manchester Area: Landing at Manchester Int Airport EGCC:
  12. A difficult landing at EGNM with heavy winds (40 knots+gusts+wind shear+turbulence). This was my first attempt. Needed to go-around. It's one of my favorite airports ever for XP11. A 10/10 from Orbx.
  13. First off, performance appears a bit better for me, some POI models appear to have been changed and most importantly GB is now fully covered, so thank you. I have discovered some issues, however. To be put onto a fix list: Misalignment of POI on base ortho (The blue buildings to the left of the aeroplane's nose) (Cardiff castle buildings and outer walls plus the stadia - was previously fixed in v1 update) 3DM buildings interfering with POI (Twickenham stadium to the right) (Queen Alexandra Bridge, Sunderland) 3DM buildings interfering with airfields (Example at EGTH) All FTX airfields seem to be affected.
  14. A quite pleasant flight over this lovely region on a sunny day.
  15. A very pleasurable landing at Leeds with heavy crosswinds. This airport is a beauty.
  16. TE GB is always a feast for the eyes.
  17. Heavy rain with strong crosswind. The best possible weather to take off (in the flight sim)
  18. Final approach and landing at East Midlands. This is another super immersive and photo-realistic scenery.
  19. My first circuit at EGHA what a great little field but where the heck am I? lol The scenery is great but let's not forget where the field is located! How did aviators do it back in the day? Situational awareness is the hardest thing in a jigsaw landscape... I mean... imagine finding this field prior to GPS.... staring right at it at 12 o clock and still can't find it...wow! I love it!
  20. Hello I have asked it on an other thread but that was probably a mistake (no support thread). It's probably written somewhere but what is the version for which TE Great Britain is qualified ? ok non bêta version but wich version ? Thank you in advance
  21. Got the Vulcan out of the hangar this afternoon and went for a short trip. Got to 53000 feet over Yorkshire before heading back to base at RAF Waddington.
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