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Found 8 results

  1. I've had the Tasmania demo since P3D V3.x. Ever since I had to run v4 without it for a while, I wondered what the difference was. Because I always see this for YDPO: However, today for the first time, coming in from YMHB, YDPO looked like this: Ofcourse next flight it looked like the first picture again. But now I wonder... wich one is correct?
  2. Hi, I have downloaded some of the ORBX demos and freeware to see what they are like as I'm considering purchasing ORBX England. The airports seem to work fine but sadly the area demos aren't. I have downloaded the North America and Tasmania demo and have installed them in FTX Central but sadly they are not appearing in my simulator. The Tasmania demo worked once but for some reason it isn't working anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, George : )
  3. I downloaded the free Tasmania scenery and when I fly from YMLT which looks great, I fly over some lakes and rivers and those lakes and rivers have houses and trees in them. I have tried hybrid on and off, region Oceania on and off and even disabled some AU scenery in the scenery folder through FSX and still I get water populated by trees and houses. How do I fix this? I have not purchased any Australia region scenery yet. Would purchasing proper scenery get rid of this problem? I tried to download Australia SP4 service pack 003 but the download does not finish. I tried that 4 times. I just tried the flight sim again and this time I made FTX Global active instead of Oceania and because of this I noticed that the 4 or 5 files in the scenery list were not there to de activate and still when I flew, I got all sorts of trees and houses in the water plus blocks of ground appearing and flashing as I flew. Now I am really confused thinking that the problem would go away if the free Tasmania scenery was disabled. I really don't know what to do. Please help. Thanks.
  4. i downloaded the tasmania demo but i noticed that after loading it i get the FTX england runway textures at some runways rather than the rex4 textures. i uninstalled the demo as instructed in the pdf but when i reenable FTX england FTX central tries to put the tasmania files back into my scene library, how can i remove it for good alternatively if i purchase aus sp4 will the compatibility issue be fixed? airports where i have noticed it happening are EGCC and EGNM
  5. The problem with taking a few months off of sim in the summer means that I spend the rest of the year working up to being competent again, this time it is carrier landings in anticipation of the new Victorious from Flyingstations, off the coast of freeware Tasmania as I haven't invested in global yet. But not before I have a little fun! Curved approach means I can see the batsman all the way down And for those of you wondering I did make it safely, this time. No editing, and this time I had to have anti aliasing off to get the FPS to even get near the deck! (Excuses excuses) Thanks, Matt
  6. Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since my last screenshots here, but i did not do much simming during the holiday season. Nevertheless though: Still did some flights in between and hit the V-Key from time to time. So: Here are some captures now from NZSI and Tasmania. Please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph First: NZMF – with some edit (just for fun) … now how did i just get here into this soup? Lost with the Cub within some weather getting worse and worse! I “simply†wanted to fly to the Hollyford Airstrip located somewhere between Glenorchy and NZMF. Well: I had to turn around and fly back as the weather just did not get better. Tried again another day, but honestly said: I just hardly managed to land at Hollyford after my third try or so – it’s really hard to even get the smallest airplane down there safely I think. So: If You want some – in my opinion – challenging approach then visit Hollyford Aisrtrip! … … BBQ at Kaikoura, NZKI the other day … And then: Tasmania! I have not been to Australia for a while actually and so decided to spend some time at Tasmania's Western Coast. Smithton, YSMI, was my “home-airport†of choice for that time. I flew along the coast southwards down to Strahan frequently. ...Taking a “short-cut†to the runway in use to simply explore YSMI, this fine little OZx field here a bit! … … or taking off from for some basic "Pattern Flying Practice" ... … and the other day simply taking off into the early morning sky for a flight along the coast! Yes You birds: Stay away! … … flying by some wind turbines, located at some pretty far northern part of the Tasmanian West Coast … … and then over the “T†at Balfour … … now where is the airstrip here? It’s located somewhere north the Tikkawoppa Plateau … … i tried to land at this little airstrip, but did not manage to do so – at least not with the C210 and its specific payload on that day … … so: Heading on to … … Strahan … … and then back - practicing the NDB-A approach at Smithton later (via 005° if i interpreted the NDB-A chart for YSMI correctly)!
  7. G'day all, Set two for today, it's great to be back in the skies and having some fun flying around. After my long flight in the PC-12 last night I thought I'd go for something a bit more sedate... a nice leisurely flight through some mountainous Tasmanian scenery with the lovely Heidi in the Cub. Time was around midday and the weather was real, and as always provided by REX. Setting out for a scenic flight from Strahan heading East to do a tour of the mountains surrounding Lake Burbury, the weather was looking OK. Things didn't go to plan, however... On the Tarmac at Strahan, just before startup. We're off without a hitch, Heidi seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Cruising down past Macquarie Harbour, hmm these clouds are getting a bit low. Passing between Mt Strahan and Mt Sorell, things began to look a bit dicey ahead. Truth be told, they looked even worse behind. Sure enough, the rain started up and cloudbase began to drop. Heidi began to question my judgement at this point... "Are you sure we should be flying in this?" No faith whatsoever. Time for a bit of a re-evaluation of our plans. Picking a gap in the weather we head north towards Queenstown. Ahh, safe. Flying a pattern over Queenstown before a safe landing. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Derek
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