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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All. I have noticed since the updates for TEGB South, Central and North that the iconic treelines at EGSG Stapleford (XPlane) seem to have a slight texturing problem. Thought I should pass it on as a report. Many Thanks.
  2. Hi (Firstly I must say that I’m no ‘techie’ with this...) I'm using FSX (Steam), & I recently migrated my 2 FSS ORBX products (Stapleford & ENGLAND) to ORBX Direct. In doing so I then also downloaded FTX Central v3. Since then, at some point my Stapleford airfield stopped loading (so I get just flat terrain - tho' I'm sure it did work for a while even after using FTX Central v3). (See att'd docs - the Cherokee screen-shot is from the grassed parking area at the NE of the airfield, looking West. The grass effects, buildings etc that I used to see are not being produced......). However, my ORBX freeware ENJA Jan Mayensfield does appear to load correctly, as do my other listed Airfields. In an attempt to reinstate it, from FTX Central v3 I uninstalled it & reinstalled - no effect. Can anyone advise on what I should check to get it to load?
  3. Hi, I can see some strange shadows next to the runway in Stapleford, although I unchecked shadows in FSX. How can I fix this?
  4. Well, my baby is finally here! Despite being an N-reg, I couldn't resist a circuit in the dying light at Stapleford! I received it with 'many' hours on both engine and airframe. Black oil and a dodgy aileron. Definitely needs some work, but right now I'm just glad to have my own
  5. For escaping the busy London area I take-off from the nearby airport Stapleford for a sightseeing journey over England's countryside in my new acquired Cirrus 22GTS Turbo and filled with avgas. By turning onto Rwy 22L even butterflies are joining me )
  6. Hi there, I've been doing a lot of flying out of EGHR Goodwood and loving, loving the fact that I can do circuits, using the published fixed aircraft circuit pattern and navigate the full circuit by looking out of the plane and aiming for particular fields and buildings and lakes. Trying to do the same at Stapleford has not been so successful. I know that the PR coverage is smaller for sound financial reasons - it's a shame but that's what it is and I understand. However, one thing that I would really love to see - and shouldn't be too onerous - is the mast at Lambourne included. This is less than a mile from the end of runway 22 and is mentioned every time I look for flight information on EGSG (http://www.flysfc.co...rfield-info.php and http://www.flysfc.co...rfieldtour.html ... great little webpage that, click on the runways for little videos and maps). Please look into including the mast in an update to EGSG. Cheers, Byron
  7. I just need to say, that this little airport is a gold mine! I spent much time at small GA airports similar to Stapleford in the UK , and have to say the spirit of such airfield has really been captured here! Now where's that Spitfire so I can give those people of "people flow" a spontaneous solo display to celebrate such a fantastic ORBX release.
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