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  1. A 'nose' shot of the mighty Spitfire, parked in front of main airport building of Shoreham. The model is the Mk1a version from Aeroplane Heaven.
  2. Great to see Burning Blue Design on Orbx now. This new Denham is another beautiful addition to their collection. A look around Denham followed by a flight in RR232 taking in White Waltham and finishing at Popham, two more of their developments.
  3. What a great piece of scenery this is!
  4. A short visit to Stapleford airfield EGSG, NE of the London Area in the mighty WWII Spitfire: Enroute to a next airfield to visit
  5. Having just purchased North & South California in the sale I have been taking many different flights all over the place to explore all the new locations and airports. Here are a few from a beautiful VFR fight from KSBD to KMHV skirting along the mountains surrounding greater LA then hopping over and across the arid expanse of the Mojave passing Palmdale and Lancaster along the way. desert in the Real Air Spitfire Mk.XIV. Looking out over the wing towards Fontana claiming out of KSBD A couple of shots skirting round the clouds over the Angeles National Forrest.... I think I can almost see Matt Farah carving up the highway down there filming a TST video. A nice gentle decent over the beginnings of the Mojave Desert with Palmdale just coming into sight before lining up for the Visual 30 into KMHV.
  6. entering majestic area with a majestic plane
  7. Just various shots with the great new Spitfire (Flights over Alaska Bella Colla, Stewart ... Washigton PNW S93... ) Happy that it is possible to use with the new A2A Spitfire for P3D4 the old skins of the WOP3 Spitifire available on avsim ... e.g. a great one in "dark grey" by Steve Landau : Spitfire Mk IIb texture BM144 ... (maybe not as beautiful as the Sniper31's Black Eagle ... but this one is easy to find ) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 AND ALSO TO REMIND that P-40 is also a very beautiful one (flying over Stewart & Sekiu PNW) ! 18 (NB : of course that's the place of the wonderful Jack's shot from the last contest !!) 19 20 AND TO END ... some Kangoos that I was so happy to find at Wilpena Pound after the setup of OZx3.0 inside P3d4 - it works (the idea came from a view of beautiful shots at that place by Martyn - thanks to you Martyn !) 21 on this side ? 22 not ! on the other side !! (PS : for me it was a very great discover because I 've been hiking exactly at that place a few days... and many times watching close the kangoos... Well it was about 25 years ago ... travelling with my girlfriend (at present my wife) with rucksacks and so (tent...) ... after our studies and before to have kids ... years passing ... teenagers who will be able to do the same kind of travel in a few years !) NB : the real place is much more "orange" almost like in Alice Springs
  8. So much to explore in TE GB, in this flight a visit to the area of Island Wight and towards Southhamton. I made a flight in the iconic Spitfire, FS=XP11.34. The Lighthouse with helideck at Needles, the most western end of Island Wight: Hurst Castle & Hurst Spit Lighthouse at Milford-on-Sea: The town of Yarmouth on Island Wight with the Ferry terminal for connection to UK-mainland via Lymington: Over the River Beaulieu with the many yachtclubs of Southampton: The large Fawley-refinery and oil-storage area, in the far right-end is Southampton: A low pass along cruisship Queen Mary 2, about to arrive at Southampton harbor:
  9. Hi all, a little bit Warbird flying over the great TEGB
  10. from Bristol in the spitfire with p3dv4.1 and orbx weather theme 4 the spitfire is from just flight battle of Britain 70 th anniversary it works in p3dv4.1 just thought I would let every one now that it works regards stewart
  11. Well installed realair spitfire into fsx steam and placed the files in p3dv4 had a good flight from my home in the sim Geneva and back to Geneva the aircraft worked well until I had to land it crashed when I landed on the runway just kept bouncing all over the place had this before with aircraft not for p3d . hope you enjoy nice to be back I will remove the spitfire from p3dv4 and hope it was updated for p3dv4 regards stewart
  12. New video taking the Spit up out of EGHR Goodwood on a summers day..
  13. After a roundflight over London doing some acrobatics, I landed at the Damyn's Hall Aerodrome(EGML) nearby but the engine was overheated and I didn't notice directly the gauges showing extreme oil- and watertemperatures....perhaps a slight fuelleak and the whole engine took suddenly fire....resulting in a very costly repair....
  14. Just a few of a Spitty up to pick off a few stragglers over the South coast before heading back for a pint. Tip-top. Cheers, Lane.
  15. Italian Air Force Spitfire Mk IX MK805 around Salerno, southern Italy. The real one is currently in the IAF museum in Vigna di Valle. Repaint courtesy of Jan Kees Blom.
  16. Short video of a trip from Inverness to Lossie in the A2A Simulations Spitfire..
  17. Hi all, 3 old Battle of Britain veterans doing a peaceful airshow at Old Warden...
  18. Hello All, This is my first screen shot post ever! I took the Spitfire for some runs around the Mach Loop In Wales. I just used the sim screen shot utility, so any advice on getting better quality screen shots would be much appreciated. Pulling back round for run No2. Descending towards TP01. Regards, Al
  19. Hi, When I recently installed the Popham airfield add-on there was an option, I think for "grass length". I left it at the default ("long", possibly) but now I can't taxi the A2A Spitfire without it ending up on it's nose. I've looked for a link or "program" to get back to that set-up window to see if "short" helps, but can't find it. Any thoughts?
  20. A shot of Temora Aviation Museum's Spitfire HF Mk. VIIIc VH-HET. This was taken an 28th Feb 2010.
  21. Fox Moth ZK-ADT is a frequent flier around the skies of Auckland. BobL and I call it "The Flying Bathtub" and have yet to have a trip in it. I was delighted to see it appear in freeeware and was about to dig through my pics of it to start a repaint, when Dave (Oldendirt) posted his shot over Takaka. It appears Peter Watkins has saved me the trouble - and what a fine repaint it is! Here's my FSX/ORBX "rendition" over North Shore (NZNE): If you look at the white pick-up truck at the bottom left, that's where Bob and I were this Saturday - having "jollies" in this: Here's the Fox Moth at NZNE on Saturday (you can see the Nanchang being refuelled in the distance) ... and later today at its home base (Ardmore, NZAR) ... where there was a bit of a display on: It's not every day you get close up and personal with one of these, either! Adam.
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