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Found 21 results

  1. Macbook Pro 2019 / Catalina X-Plane 11.50r3 (build 115033 64-bit, Metal) Has PilotEdge plugin Everything was working fine. Installed Orbx Southern California last night Now when I try to start a flight at a southern California airport (eg, BUR or LAX), I get the message, "Error, could not locate image file for terrain." (See attached screenshot.) After I acknowledge the message, X-Plane quits. For at least one southern California airport (L52), X-Plane simply quits unexpectedly without a message. It appears that airports outside southern California (eg MSN) load properly. There may have been an issue during Orbx installation. I left the installation running when I went to bed last night. It appeared to be downloading and installing files normally. When I checked it this morning, the installer wasn't running. I reran the installer. It appeared to resume where it left off, as indicated by the progress bar. It appeared to finish successfully. Attachments screenshot.png Log.txt scenery_packs.ini from the "Custom Scenery" folder. Please help! I'm so excited to use Orbx! Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  2. Hi guys. I find myself here after purchasing NA SoCal back in July, and admittedly I did little research other than reviews, ofcourse pre purchase I didn't see a bad review, so I wen't ahead, and shelled out the 50 something dollars gladly thinking it was money well spent, as I mainly fly the region. I like to fly commercial heavies usually, PMDG 47/77.. I run pretty modest settings on my rig, and before hand never had any addon scenery with the exception of LatinVFR KSAN. Normally getting upwards of 40-50 frames with a PMDG product, depending on if I'm on approach, sitting at a gate or what have you. Upon installing SoCal, and running a few flight trying to see what I may need to do with settings, I was getting very stuttery frames, jumping between 15-20 (a very un smooth 20 when it would hit it). I tried turning off my vehicle traffic to 0 from 9%, turning my autogens down from normal to sparse. I tried turning my level of detail radius down from ultra to high, my scenery complexity down from dense to normal. Autogen draw distance down from very high to high.. Settings I already had pretty low; water detail set to low, reflections only set to user vehicle only, special effects both on medium dynamic 3D autogen vegetation was off, no HDR lighting, shadows medium, cloud draw at 60miles detailed clouds, volumetric fog. No other traffic besides cars (which I had turned off as mentioned). Display setting FXAA off,, 4xMSAA,, 2048X2048,, Aniso. 16x. Tried locking frames around 30, 25, 20, all with same result of a slide show upon approach, really badly approaching LA. I emailed ORBX with all kinds of info screen shots, video, and was told the product was working fine. OK fair enough,, so I gave up for months and wrote off the money as a loss... Got a tick to try to give it another go, started out with some more searching, and what do you know, the bad reviews, and people with same issues make an appearance. I read an older thread from 2015-2016 where people we're basically saying how you have to turn everything down as much as possible, not fly commercial addon type of aircraft ETC. & I'm thinking to myself, WHY, why should we have to basically turn everything down so much and tip toe the sim around a product that we paid good money for. Not be able to fly the aircraft of our choice ETC. without having to worry about a a choppy slide show. I didn't read anything about minimum or even recommended specs on the purchase page? Unless I'm just blind and missed it completely. So excuse my little rant, it's just a little frustrating to spend money on something I don't even use, when I hardly ever get to put money towards hobby as it is. This is my last ditch effort for some help, without having to turn everything down to the point of not even being able to fully enjoy the scenery as it should be. I'm even considering getting Global base, and adding on vectors, and OpenLc as I go (but I'm a bit scared). As I've read global seems to get much better performance, obviously I understand there will be some hit, but I don't think it should be so bad I can't even run it.
  3. G'day everyone, Following on from Misha's announcement and major previews last weekend, it is clear that many of you are very excited for his upcoming Santa Barbara airport - as am I and the rest of the team. Whilst the beta team are in the midst of putting the scenery through it's paces, and with Misha working all kinds of crazy hours putting the final polish on the scenery, I thought I'd take a break from my own developing to take a few screenshots. I have long had a love for this corner of the US - the coastal scenery of mid/northern California is absolutely stunning; think destinations like Big Sur, Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Arcata etc etc. Santa Barbara is the perfect example of this kind of scenery - a lovely beachside city, scattered with Spanish architecture and a Mediterranean climate, framed by the dramatic backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Rather than focusing on the primary features for this scenery (you should have a thorough read of Misha's topic for that kind of info), I thought I'd focus on some of the incidental details around the coverage area - the kind of details that we often don't make too much of a fuss about, but really sum up the essence and charm of projects such as this. Seamless blending from the airport to surrounding scenery - a trademark feature of ORBX airports. Often overlooked, but something that involves a great deal of planning, consideration and careful implantation to ensure an immersive experience, a high level of detail and performance optimization. Airside Detail - this is the business end of the an airport scenery, so no effort is spared to add a minutia of details. This particular area in front of the terminal gets special attention, as it will be the part of the airport that will be visible from your cockpit at the commencement/conclusion of all airline flights. The busy apron, the ground detailing, the diversity of vegetation in the gardenbed, it all comes together to really add to the immersion. Non-airside detailing: again a huge amount of effort has gone into this aspect of the scenery. Quite often we get asked "why bother spending so much time on the carpark/POI/landside?" - a fair question. The answer is twofold; more often than not, the layout of the airport means that many non-airside features are visible when taxiing or parking your aircraft. Secondly, much as with the airport-blending shown above, it is important to create concentric circles of detail. Whilst not 100% as detailed as the airside, given these areas are very close by, it makes sense to keep the detail very high to ensure a seamless "detail transition". Case in point - if you look at the first screenshot in this thread, you will notice that the cars that are directly next to the fence (and therefore visible from an aircraft parked at the gate) are high-detail, whereas those further away (or partially hidden behind walls or buildings) are lower-fidelity. Again, these are some the design choices that are made at all points during the development process. The hidden corners of the airport - despite not being as high-profile as the terminal apron, no expense has been spared for the lower-traffic sections of the airport. The tower precinct, FBOs, and GA hangars all include vast amounts of detail. Some of you may know that I'm not traditionally a fan of interior modelling, however much like other stand-out ORBX terminals (MBS Intl and Meigs, just to name a few), the interior at SBA is pretty special. One of my favourite features is the mosiac artwork that complements the Spanish architecture; this is true-to-life and extends to the outside courtyard areas of the terminal too. Unique runway artwork - a combination of original artwork for the overlays (no repeating/tiling runway base textures here) combined with ultra-HD detail and noise textures ensures a great visual experience both in the circuit/on-approach and on the ground. POI, landmarks and features. Many of these, such as the University of California Santa Barbara, have already been documented. The majority though, are too small or trivial to mention, yet add to the scenery in many ways. Freeway overpasses, pier detailing, water fountains, industrial buildings, secondary shopping malls, and many others are peppered all throughout the scenery. And lastly, a few more shots from around the scenery. And for those wondering about the flag Misha was asking about a few weeks ago: Be sure to keep an eye out for more news and screenshots of Santa Barbara coming up this week Cheers, Jarrad
  4. Hello. I want to buy these scenarios of airports in Southern California for P3Dv3: Oceano County Airport (L52), New Cuyama Airport (L88), San Luis County Regional Airport (KSBP), Santa Maria Airport (KSMX), Bakersfield Meadows Field (KBFL), Mojave Airport (KMHV), Monte Airport (KEMT), Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA), Burbank Airport (KBUR), Fullerton Airport (KFUL), Torrance Airport (KTOA), Van Nuys Airport (KVNY), Santa Ana-John Wayne Airport (KSNA), Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX), San Diego Lindbergh Airport (KSAN), McClellan–Palomar Airport (KCRQ), Las Vegas (KLAS), Catalina Airport (KAVX), Corona (KAJO), Victorville (KVCV) In the Key Features of the package South California wrote that "365 airports have been upgraded!" https://orbxdirect.com/product/sca Does the South California package contain scenarios for the listed airports? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Just installed Catalina Island and for 360 degrees in the distance all I see is a brown solid color. I have SCA installed and running. When I installed the first time, I got a few file install error messages, so I uninstalled and reinstalled a second time (there were no file install errors the second time installing.) I just had downloaded new ORB libraries. Tried running "Force Migration", but no difference. Tried Friday Harbour and all looks normal there. Any help would be appreciated. errors second time Since I am logged in I am assuming that my purchased products show up, but if not I can, at least show: Order Number FSS0467823 2016-03-12 Orbx NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest I have a transaction ID for this new order, but if I remember correctly, you may not want us to post that...I don't see an order # beginning with FSS Thanks, Steve
  6. Launched from NAS North Island (KNZY) for a low level hop over the desert north of El Centro Heading into the mountains we snuggled down to about 500AGL, and knew the clouds wouldn't be an issue thanks to our low-level terrain avoidance system (DIANE) Headed up one valley someone got a picture of us. Shades of the famous Mach Loop. But going fast down low sucks the gas right out of a jet. (Amazing but true, a U2 up at 70,000' uses less fuel than it does sitting on the ground at idle!) So we got some gas and a couple of dry plugs just for practice. (If you've tried it in the sim without success you'll be pleased to know that the problem is sloppy 'toy' joysticks and the lack of proprioceptive cues. It ain't easy in real life, especially when it's dark and you know you'll go swimming if you don't succeed, but with practice, you could probably do it.) And then headed home. Note that when you put the boards out, the two on the fuselage (under NAVY and the 'stars and bars') don't deploy. They're actually bolted closed because, with speed brakes out and the gear down even at 100% thrust, they couldn't make the aircraft go faster than 109kts.* Details of the first flight *http://www.cradleofaviation.org/history/history/aircraft/grumman_a-6.html
  7. A couple of pals and I near flew north from Carlsbad (KCRQ) to Santa Paula and we got this picture near Newport Beach. (Our real-life SNJ was reproduced as a skin for the A2A T-6 in amazing detail by crazac. Download the texture here. The weathered interior is true art, and the exterior has every detail right down to nicks in the prop paint.) If you take her flying be nice, that my wife in the back seat. Planning a vacation in northern California I remembered my Dad's adage to never buy (or rent) a house until you've seen the area from the air. So I borrowed a DC-3 and headed up there. It actually was kinda spooky when we drove because I felt like I'd been there before, and in a way I had. A friend asked if I'd let a photographer ride along in our SNJ so he could get some pictures of his Lockheed. We flew out of Sonoma Valley Skypark (KSTS) just south of Sonoma, and this one turned out rather nice, I thought. Another photo hop, this time I was shooting from the right seat of an A-6 as we flew up the beach near Monterey. VA-72 (Blue Hawks) had quite a history. They cross-decked to the HMS Triumph back in '49 when they were flying Bearcats, flew courier missions off the USS Wasp in their A4D-2 Skyhawks in support of Project Mercury, and flew A-7Bs on the first attack of a North Vietnamese SAM site in 1965. An A-6 from VA-75 led the strike using the sophisticated Digital Integrated Attack Navigation Equipment (DIANE) system. When it worked it was amazing, but it required 240 manhours per flight hour to keep an Intruder full-system capable. (Todays F/A-18s are more like 10 hours per flight hour. For more on the A-6 system and a hair-raising RL experience I had in an A-6 go here.) The Pacific Northwest is noted for it's weather. The Cascade Peninsula to the west gets more rain than the Amazon jungle and the Cascades to the east almost always have a veil of clouds. Flew my friend's DC-3 up that way to visit Victoria (the city), and we weren't disappointed by the display the weather put on for us. On the way home, we stopped in Astoria and another friend with a restored PBY invited us to ride along on a jaunt up the Oregon coast. The weather was awesome and sightseeing was fabulous from the cockpit and from the bubble back aft. (A friend with a cool airplane is much better than owning a cool airplane yourself, trust me.)
  8. FTX NA Southern California isn't updating, it keeps saying download interrupted. I was given an error message and stated "post this to our forums". So that's what i'm doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. I think there are issues with the Southern California scenery install I have in Prepared v4. 1) I have ALL graphics settings set to MAX and yet my textures don't look near as good as what Im seeing on this site and youtube etc. 2) I have attached a screenshot showing the "crappy" textures on a mountain and showing two (2) "HOLLYWOOD signs" on the hillside. Could there be a texture "overlap" of both the default and Orbx textures? 3) I have attached a second screenshot showing the "crappy" textures on a mountain. The jet texture looks GREAT as Prepared graphic settings are set to MAX. 4) Also the airport KBUR texture elevations are ALL screwed up. The KLAX airport elevations are fine. Did I need to purchased FTX Global Base 1st before adding individual scenery sets such as the one I have "Southern California" in order for it to show correctly? My system: Win 10 Pro 64bit i7-7700 360Ghz 24GB RAM Graphics card: Radeon HD 7750 EYE 6. 2GB DDR5 4k UHD resolution Anyone know what the heck is going on or not going on? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I uninstalled my FSX and bought and installed FSX Steam Edition. I installed Global Base Pack, Vector and Southern California into FSXSE but they are not working. The files are there in the ORBX folder inside the FSXSE so don't understand why they are not working. How can I get them to work? Please help. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I just bought and installed Southern California. Sadly the Las Vegas buildings on the Strip are missing. They are present in the photo in the User Guide so I don't understand why they are not there. The buildings and structures which were present in the default FSX scenery are also missing (e.g. mini Eiffel Tower). Instead of the buildings and structures found on the Strip in Las Vegas there are some generic autogen buildings now. Please help me get the proper buildings and structures on the Strip. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I'm noticing some weird graphical anomalies. From a distance, there are occasional patches that show up and they oftentimes include water. If I zoom in, I can see bushes and trees pushing up through the water. Then, as I get closer, these issues mostly resolve themselves. These are my first flights after installing NA SoCal and Palm Springs airport. The first attached screenshot was taken at 10,000ft, approx. 12nm NW of NV11. The second attached screenshot was taken at 4,250ft and shows what should be NV11. I do not have any other scenery installed for NV11. This is not the only place where this occurs Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. How can I fix the elevation problem at KIFP. It is my home base and is unusable. The runway has hills in the middle of it. I have used the scenery config editor with no luck. The runway is the same with or without addon scenery. The only way I can use the airport is to delete SCA completely. Is there a way to modify the file. FSX, Windows 8.1. Do not own global base or vector.
  14. I just installed the FTX Southern California and there are no oceans, all the oceans are replaced by land. Attached is a picture of leaving Catalina Island heading towards Los Angeles with nothing but land where oceans are supposed to be. I tried a few coastal locations, it happens everywhere. How can I fix this? Order #FSS0492055, Order date: 2016-05-31 Thanks! David
  15. Hi there, Flying north departing from KPSP runway 31, I noticed a seriously and strangely populated windfarm area FULL of turbines of different sizes and some on top of each other. Please confirm if this is correct as I do not recall all these wind turbines before I installed SoCal. I have FTX set to the North American Region and have both KPSP and SoCal installed. I read up about a patch for KPSP that was going to be provided for compatibility with FTX SoCal, but this wind turbine issue was not mentioned. Out of interest, has the patch been released yet ? Lastly, the windsock at KPSP seem to flap/flicker to and fro at a very high frequency. This is the only airport that I have noticed this problem. Unfortunately, taking a screenshot does not help as it does not show the flickering ! Any way to fix this ? Thanks and regards,
  16. Some Impressions in P3D V3 from Las Vegas SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA with FS Dreamteam McCarran International and Active Sky Next... Regards Stefan
  17. I have just departed LAX with the new SCA scenery and I have applied the fix for FSDT KLAX to work with it. When I looked out my window, I noticed there seemed to be land where water should be. I have attached a screenshot to show exactly what's happening.
  18. I have loaded FTX Global/ FTX OLC NA/ FTX Vector and the new FTX Glolden Sothern California. My problem: It's very difficult to see the rivers because they have a brownish colour, which makes it very difficult to distinguish between the surruonding land structures. Can somebody help me?
  19. N 34° 25.4064' W 118° 38.498' A lone Corsair rests upon the location of the former Indian Dunes Airport (4CA4) in Valencia, CA, where the 70's TV show 'Black Sheep Squadron' was filmed. The landing strip ran parallel to Rt. 126.
  20. Hey, Just bought SoCal yesterday and tried downloading it twice so far... both have resulted in corrupt downloads. I've tried different servers and both corrupted. I'm on my third try right now. Are the severs overloaded? Also are the servers always so slow? Its taking over 6 hours to download only 6gb... which is insane compared to other servers I've downloaded from before. Perhaps a server upgrade could be something nice for users in the near future.
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