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Found 11 results

  1. Alaska is awesome in MSFS, but could really use some help by Orbx. For Southern Alaska,the Homer marina on the spit is underwater and could use a MSFS version of the Orbx airport. Seward airport seems to be missing completely. It might be a great place for an Orbx airport. There are also strange elevation glitches especially around lakes such as Lower Summit Lake by Cooper Landing. Any way Southern Alaska or various high need spots can get the Orbx treatment? Seems like an area that could benefit a lot from Orbx because it is not a 3d city region by Microsoft but Orbx has already done a lot of work there and could be of lower investment to fix than other sports. Also I think I saw that Anchorage International Airport is missing a tower, it looked great int he Orbx Southern Alaska region. Thanks all!
  2. So we ehem ehem decided to continue our scheduled flight to Anchorage. The FO is off for the outside check. Tail: OK. Wings: OK. Main gear: OK. Engines: OK. I'm too tired to look at the fans today. Let alone the other side of the plane. They're built symmetrically for a reason, right? Cobbwebs: OK. Wait... Outside check completed, Captain... Captain? Dragged the Captain out of the bar and up the ramp! Economy left. Economy right. Leaving the Pacific Fiords region. Lucky with the weather. No need to cheat. That glacier whose name doesn't appear on Google Earth, no matter its size... Already way into our descent. Mountains to the right... Swamps to the left... That mountain northwest of Anchorage. Alaska horticulture? It never ceases to amaze me what they are cultivating up there! That mountain again... Approaching the Knik Arm. We're there. There arrives the yellow cab for me... ... and the ambulance for that grave case of simmeritis. Poor sod... That's it. Welcome to Anger Ridge!
  3. Hello, I have the following problem with both FTX regions I own, Southern Alaska and Norway: Black artefacts appear near buildings (see screenshots included). They do not appear in default FS X scenery. I use numerous add-ons, mainly aircraft. The only landscape changing add-on I use apart from ORBX scenery is REX 4 Texture direct with soft clouds. I have this problem already some time and can't remember when it appeared for the first time or after the installation which add-on. Thanks in advance for your help. If you need more information to resolve this problem I will provide it. Greetings, Lieven
  4. Hello, Hopefully someone can help. I think I broke Ketchikan Intl! I dont know what caused this problem. I was having issues (with track IR) and kept reloading the same airport within the ORBX southern alaska (@ PAKT Ketchikan Intl.) to test it. Everything had been working fine with all my ORBX scenery and I have already done several great flights from PAKT. After reloading the airport several times, it suddenly started to crash-to-desktop always within the part 88-99% loading land, air sea traffic. I reloaded from a different airport within the same Southern Alaska Scenery (PAGS) and it loaded fine. I fixed my trackir and flew to PAKT, and as soon as I got near that same airport, it crashed to desktop. I reinstalled first the alaska, with service packs, and had the same issue, so I then reinstalled all FTX products with updates, updated Libs, service packs, etc. and STILL have a crash to desktop only when loading any aircraft at PAKT, UNLESS I disable the FTX North America / southern Alaska. (It will work under FTX Global.) But again, reinstalling Southern Alaska did not fix the problem. Somehow, I might have broke Ketchikan from reloading that airport too many times too quickly?? I sent a Diagnostic report ot3a8468bf81947f49a77ef0e210bddff9
  5. More of British Columbia is already well covered with 4 Orbx sceneries plus Tongass Fjords. I was wondering, are there any plans to create a "Far Northern Rocky Mountains" region to cover the remaining inland mountains and complete the BC area? I think that would be really cool. Does anyone agree?
  6. Hi, i did bought the Airport of Juneau and also the Southern Alaska Scenery. It´s equal what i do if i follow the installation nearly the end of installtion i get a message the i should insert the disk nr 2, in both sceneries. The Problem: i have the Downloadversion and this is one Zip file. What did i wrong? sorry for my english. Michael
  7. The more I fly around FTX Southern Alaska the more beauty I discover... This is a very simple video showing a simple takeoff and loop back to PAVD in Valdez Alaska, the only thing added was some ATC chatter to add a little bit of atmosphere. In the video I'm flying the Aerosoft DA-20 Katana 4X using the RealityXP GNS 530 WAAS. This area has been quite well done by the FTX/OrbX team as the recreation of the Valdez Marine Terminal and the town itself is quite exceptional. The texturing of the objects, ground and scenery have also been very well recreated in FSX. I'm also using real time weather in this video and is the reason why my landing is a little bit on the "wobbly" side. I had an 18 to 23 knot crosswind while landing. [media]http://youtu.be/i5M23OfG_LQ Cheers Jocko
  8. This is a flight around the Alesk River & Glacier area using the recently released FTX Southern Alaska. The airfield I depart to the north from is AK76 (East Alsek River), it's just one of many small strips located in this part of the region. The ice fields to the north provide some spectacular scenery and offer some pretty challenging STOL ski landing areas. The aircraft being flown is a Piper Pacer by Lionheart Creations. [media]http://youtu.be/UKNQ8CjRDEI Happy Flights! -Jocko
  9. Here's a little video I made from a random area and a random airfield I chose in the Southern Alaska Region recently released by OrbX/FTX. This region addon for FSX and P3D is simply superb and flying around virtually any part of the coverage area will offer up new surprises and adventures. The seasonal textures that the OrbX team have used are simply fantastic and I was rather pleased how they have managed to simulate receding snow in the spring. If any of you guys haven't picked this up yet you really need to, it's very addicting practicing STOL procedures along river beds. I created this using my new copy of Magix Video X5, it's one heck of a leap over the Windows Live Movie Maker. [media]http://youtu.be/gzdkmhxRI-U Hope you enjoy it.
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